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Pure playoff team? Predators-Ducks (Round 3) recap.

Preds win!

You’ve heard of chokers, I assume. Players and coaches who deliver except when it matters most. Right or wrong, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Big 10 football, Barry Bonds, Kari Lehtonen, and Alex Ovechkin all have the choke label. Of course, “choke” is one of those strong words that get overused. After all, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Steph Curry, John Elway, and Sidney Crosby were called chokers at some point even though that was obvious bullshit! But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t players and coaches who do choke. Take the Washington Capi… come to think of it, no Washington team has gotten past the second round in forever! And they call Atlanta a cursed sports town…

But what about the opposite breed? The teams that don’t play well except when the lights are on. Take the 9-7 football Giants team several years with a bottom ten-ranked defense that went all the way. A year later, a Ravens team that lost four out of five leading into the playoffs proceeded to win it all! When it counted, they delivered.

Same deal with my Nashville Predators. Whatever happens next week, this is a magical season! You can see it in the home crowds of the playoffs. Yes, we’re assholes to the opposing goalies, but we’re energized in part because of something great happening in Smashville! Even with a 41-41 record and no starting home ice, I still thought we had a shot at overcoming Chicago in Round 1 simply because it’s a rivalry in which the games are usually close. But advancing all the way to the Finals? No way! But maybe it shouldn’t be such a surprise. We had the same record last season but came a game away from Round 3.

Of course, Pekka Rinne making saves like this makes all the difference.


What’s happened is that when the season was on the line, everybody delivered. Pekka Rinne has been playing at a super-elite level, stopping every shot he had to! P.K. Subban has become the amazing piece everybody thought we had traded for last offseason. Roman Josi has only continued to improve.

Even our forwards, the weakest link to our team in spite of their speed, come to play. With John Gibson stepping up his game probably because he knew his fellow Ducks wouldn’t be able to score at will on us like they had on Columbus and Edmonton, we turned it up put the puck in the net some more. I thought we might be done when Ryan Johansen got hurt, but we weathered that quite nicely.

Love the celebrating P.K. Subban and Filip Forsberg or not, you have to admit that they’re fitting teammates.

Some say that Preds-Ducks is a real rivalry because we’ve met in the playoffs three times in a decade. I don’t know, seeing as how we won every single time. Kinda one-sided. Then again, the Nashville fans on social media that I see seem to hate the Ducks for how dirty they often play, even mocking the fact that the Ducks are based on those Mighty Ducks Disney movies of a generation ago. Mutual fan interest counts.

So now we’re in the Finals. I hope to see us win the Stanley Cup. I went through two heartbreaks at the finish line with Alabama football and the Falcons. A third in a matter of months would really suck. Welcome to Smashville!

Duck season begins. Predators-Ducks (Round 3) preview.


This is one of a few recurring playoff matchups for Nashville in our short history. But the clashes with the Ducks have been different from those with the Red Wings, Blackhawks, and Sharks because we’ve never lost a series to this team. One of those two victories over them wasn’t even the classic Game 7 loss the Ducks used to keep having.

From last year’s memematic

At any rate, despite how dirty the Ducks can play at times I do have some respect for them right now. If we proved unworthy of the media praise until the playoffs began, the Ducks were better than anyone would have imagined. firing Bruce Beaudreau and going back to the guy they had before Bruce seems lampoon-able, but they are in the Western Conference Finals.

It’s not said in hockey news as much as the Caps’ latest inability to get past even a severely beat-up Penguins team or whether the Pens can still do it all with those injuries, but the whisper about how Pekka Rinne is playing out of this world can be heard. As someone who has actually been watching the games, he really has been playing as well as the .951 save percentage he’s put up in the playoffs so far. Defensemen like Roman Josi and P.K. Subban remain as good as ever, blocking many shots, creating turnovers, and even scoring on their own. This is the Preds team as it was hyped up to be after the trade for Subban, not the .500 team that we actually got in the regular season.

By the way, Montreal was eliminated in Round 1. Anyone still think they won the trade?

The Ducks’ path to a deep playoff run has been quite a bit different. John Gibson has been playing badly as their goalie. Don’t let last night’s Game 7 vs. Edmonton fool you. The Ducks are not very good on defense. They do, however, score lots and lots of goals with a firing squad spearheaded by Ryan Getzlaf and Rickard Rakell. Thus, we have classic offense vs. defense meeting.

I can’t have certainty here because I’m not a believer in the “defense wins championships” line of thought. I’d argue that this happens 55-62% of the time. Certainly not a definitive statement. recent examples of defensive powerhouses in other sports failing in the big one include the 2014 Seahawks, 2015-2016 Golden State, and 2012 49ers. So I don’t think “defense beats offense, Preds in 6” is the way to go.

That said, despite the different coach, the book on beating the Ducks remains the same: Keep the pace down and intercept the puck so their forwards can’t ball out, They will still probably struggle to come from behind if they have to because of our puck-hogging defensemen.

This needs to happen a lot.

Here’s hoping for a good series and a Stanley Cup Finals appearance for the Preds. Welcome to Smashville!

Uncharted territory. Predators-Blues (Round 2) recap.

Preds win!

My Nashville Predators are now officially the top dogs in Central this season. Take the records of the Wild, Blackhawks, Blues, and fire them out of a cannon! Because we made it the farthest in the playoffs. That’s what will be remembered more.

Particularly by us.

Which brings me to what this afternoon’s Game 6 means. With a 4-2 series win over the St. Louis Blues we have reached the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history! This is an official benchmark for our hockey team. At the very least, we are officially more accomplished than the Capitals when you factor in how short our history is. Although perhaps I shouldn’t have taken shot since they do seem to have shown signs of life in their last three games against the Pens (plus, cappin’ the Caps is an old hat at this point).

This series started kind of surprisingly. We split the opening two in St. Louis with both teams’ goalies, Pekka Rinne and Jake Allen, suddenly letting quite a few pucks into the net. Were they going cold?

No colder than the ice. Do you want to punch me for that pun?

No, this became a series of defensive standoffs after switching to Nashville. Both Rinne and Allen became walls in front of their nets. To say that points were at a premium would be like saying that a few people were surprised to see us sweep Chicago.

I suspected that Game 6 would decide the series because if we lost that, the Blues would have home ice and a 2-game streak on us in a “win or go home” finale. And with a 1-0 lead after the first period expired, we seemed to be headed for that situation. But Rinne stepped up. So did Allen, really. I didn’t like seeing all those breakaways and power play chances happen without goals being scored. Still, Peter Laviolette seemed to make adjustments that enabled us to capitalize on our speed to close out this series with a 3-1 single-game win over the Blues.

I’m now about to watch the Ducks and Oilers go at it! Our next opponents could be determined tonight. Welcome to Smashville!

We couldn’t get over the Wall. Hawks-Wizards (round 1) recap.

Hawks lose!

Season’s over! The Atlanta Hawks lose to the Washington Wizards in six games. The reason is John Wall. While we have often contained him before, Wall simply went off on us throughout this series. I really don’t think the Wizards can go all the way since Boston and Cleveland aren’t teams that lack both depth and a superstar, but you have to be impressed by Wall.

Still, we could have won this series if we could only have been able to hold onto the ball and hit the broad side of a barn. Of course, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Turnovers and bad shooting have been the norm for this team all season long.

Alas, Wall was doing a lot of this yesterday.

The truth is that in March, I would’ve seen this coming a mile away! That was period when these turnovers and missed shots got us blown out of home court by the Nets! But after the last several games when we got the offense going enough to Win over the Celtics, crush the rival Hornets, and twice beat the Cavs. But this surge did not last into the playoffs.

My verdict? This was a rough season. Dwight Howard is not superstar we’ve been looking for, what can we say? And honestly, he’s a downgrade from Al Horford. The fouls and lack of offensive production from him had a lot to do with our problems. So we were eliminated in the first round.

Pretty much.

Sure, it’s a 43-win season, but if you look at the dreadful state of the Eastern Conference (no eastern team with at least 55 wins, while the West has 3 that reached that mark), how much this team fluctuated between good and bad from start to finish, and most importantly, that we couldn’t keep our late momentum going, this may be one time when we are not what our record says we are.

Of course, part of this is the growing pain of a rebuild. We made some trades for future draft picks at the deadline. I mean years into the future. Which is just as well. I can see the team missing the playoffs next season. How much Dennis Schroder and Taurean Prince continue to improve will be interesting to me. Otherwise, there’s not much promise for the immediate future.

Unless you count Dwight getting a lot of rebounds but contributing little else.

Further down the road? If we draft well and get Paul Millsap resigned, those picks we traded for could pay off. But there’s a limit to how much faith you can put in a front office that let the Hawks go from great to below average in two years’ time.

No matter what, I am True to Atlanta!

A second wind for this rivalry? Predators-Blues (Round 2) preview.

I’ve never seen the St. Louis Blues as that much of a rival. This Predators fans’ main rivals come in the following order: Blackhawks, Stars, and Red Wings. But rivalries can be intensified by the playoffs.

Could this series create greater hostility between the Preds and Blues?

Both the Preds and Blues have eliminated the top two seeds in the Western Conference in short order. Now we face each other in the second round.

Defensively speaking, we should probably have the advantage. We allowed just three goals in four games against Chicago. The Blues’ defense is pretty good, but it hasn’t been as good as ours, especially in their last two games.

Offensively, though, our lack of depth is concerning. We’ve mostly been scoring with the top lineup. I don’t think we can hang around in shootouts.

The key is what it was against Chicago. Pekka Rinne has to be a wall again And we have to outpace the Blues’ big-ass defensemen so we can hold onto the puck. Keeping the puck is obviously the best way to stop the opposition from scoring.

Like so.

The players and coach Laviolette have said that they expect this series to be harder. I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s not always going to be a sweep. Not in the playoffs.

Obviously, this is a big series for both teams. Both are on the surprisingly long list of teams that have never won a Stanley Cup. Making it to the third round is an important step to this goal. But only one team can do that. That is why a real hockey rivalry may be about to emerge.

Hope our guys are on this side of the series and rivalry.

Thanks to the NBA and NHL playoffs and release of the NFL schedule, I’ve had to blog frequently. So much so that I skipped my usual weekend review of a movie or video game. But this sure isn’t dull. I’m having a good time watching my basketball and hockey teams in the playoffs and writing about them here at Gimili’s Palace. I sincerely hope that they keep me busy. Welcome to Smashville!

Another great year. Atlanta Falcons 2017 record prediction.

American football is my favorite sport. While I do enjoy watching the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, and Nashville Predators a lot, they’re not football teams. Still, a taste of the next NFL season was given to with the release of the 2017 schedule. I now know not only the opponents of my Falcons but also their order.

I see us doing very well again. Steve Sarkisian doing well as offensive coordinator. He’s experienced and hasn’t had those drinking issues that some fear come up in some time. And don’t sell short the notion that Kyle Shanahan has been given a bit too much credit as we used the no huddle offense a lot, which required Matt Ryan to sometimes run the offense.

I do still see our offense regressing somewhat from the dizzying highs of 2016. But experience for our young defense and the additions of Dontari Poe and a pass rusher and/or safety in the draft should boost our defensive play that was already at a very high level in the latter half of the regular season and in the playoffs Thus, the team will be more balanced, which should work in our favor.

Without further ado, here’s how I see the games going.

Week 1: @Bears

The NFL has made everybody look bad. A trip to Chicago, not the Super Bowl rematch with the Patriots, is our first game.

Mike Glennon, a quarterback who couldn’t win the starting job from Josh McCown or Jameis Winston is Chicago’s quarterback. Some think he’s only filler until another quarterback coming out of the draft develops. Makes perfect since. Anyway, they can’t put many points on our defense with an even worse offense than last year. Their so-so defense will stop this from being a 30-point drubbing, but just barely.

But I’ll say this for Glennon: He has the most distinctive neck in the NFL.

Result: 37-10 (1-0)

Week 2: vs. Packers

Rematches of all of our postseason games are scheduled. This one is on the big stage of Sunday Night Football. With no Eddie Lacy and the Pack appearing to have lost as much on defense as it has gained, this remains the most quarterback-dependent team this side of the Colts, so it’s a good thing they have Aaron Rodgers. Regardless, Dan Quinn will be 5-0 when coaching against Green Bay because of there mediocre defense, and history inconsistency in warmer climates. If this were in snowy Lambeau, I’d probably chalk this up as a loss.

Result: 31-24 (2-0)

Week 3: @Lions

This time we do have to play in a cold environment. No sweat, we get the Lions, who can’t seem to beat above .500 opponents other than the Packers, who Matthew Stafford still has a losing record to. We got this!

Result: 34-26 (3-0)

Week 4: vs. Bills

OK, we always seem to have this one game against lesser adversaries who press what strengths they have to prevail (Bears ’14, 49ers ’15, Chargers ’16, all division rivals ’12). I’ve got this as that game. LeSean runs for a dollar, five dimes, some pennies and a pair of touchdowns on us while a defense that should be better with Rob Ryan out of the picture stops us from responding to every score.

Our reaction to losing to the Bills.

Result: 26-30 (3-1)

Week 5: bye

Yeah, our bye comes already. Earliest bye since 2013. We got banged-up into oblivion that year. I hope that’s not an omen…

Week 6: vs. Dolphins

I’m sorry, I don’t see this as the surging team that others do. The AFC East got a very easy schedule and weak conference last year that enabled Miami to make the playoffs while beating next to nobody significant. The reality is that while their defense is fine, their offensive line will limit them until it is addressed.

Result: 27-13 (4-1)

Week 7: @Patriots

Ah, yes, the Super Bowl rematch. It may not have kicked the season off, but the NFL did put it in prime time.

I think we’ll actually win this time. We’re hungry for revenge and really, we would’ve won the Super Bowl if the pressure on Tom Brady hadn’t been stopped due to our defense getting tired on account to offensive line injuries and Shanahan’s curious decision to not go for a game-winning field goal. This time, the pressure never lets up and we know better than to try to convert third and forever in field goal range. But it will give us a feeling of “two little, too late.”

Result: 26-20 (5-1)

Week 8: @Jets

With a defense of past-their-prime players and Josh McCown as the likely starting quarterback, the J-E-T-S are ready to T-A-N-K! It goes without saying that we’ll beat them. The admirably passionate fans in Metlife Stadium will nonetheless cheer hard until midway through the second quarter, though.

Will Fireman Ed keep the crowd going?

Result: 38-7 (6-1)

Week 9: @Panthers

Ordinarily, three straight road games would be brutal, but we have performed exactly the same on the road as at home for three straight seasons. Throw in an opposing quarterback who was allowed to play through a torn rotator cuff and the fact that sub-par Matt Kalil will be charged to protect Cam from Vic Beasley, and this is another win.

And yes, seven games have gone by before the first single divisional bout. Guess the NFL thinks we’re shoo-ins to win the South.

Result: 24-10 (7-1)

Week 10: vs. Cowboys

Thought to have been a classic shootout pitting Matt Ryan and Julio Jones against the best offensive line in football, cheap Jerry Jones has ruined that idea by allowing a couple starters to walk. Dallas still does fairly well this year because it has a lot of remaining talent, but not enough in this one.

Result: 31-21 (8-1)

Sorry, Dak, but you can’t count on this kind of protection this time.

Week 11: @Seahawks

Oh, God. A trip to Centurylink Field. It’s not the West Coast trip or Seattle with Eddie Lacy (who cheerleading coach Pete Carroll might not be able to discipline into keeping his weight down anyway). It’s how many breaks the ‘Hawks seem to get at home by the refs. Bribery? Remarkably loud home crowd that officials won’t defy. I dunno. I just know that this team that is pissed off at what we did to them in the playoffs and hammering the final nail in the coffin of their dynasty. So they will play dirty and get away with it!

My game plan? Matt Ryan just needs to avoid injury on this Monday night from the late hits Michael Bennett will deliver. Throw picks if you have to, just live to fight another day.

Result: 20-34 (8-2)

Week 12: vs. Buccaneers

I still don’t think Jameis Winston is a very good quarterback, even with DeSean Jackson, but Tampa Bay’s defense is really good and was the reason for the team’s late season push in 2016. I don’t disagree with the hype they’re getting. I also see them beating us.

Result: 13-20 (8-3)

Week 13: vs. Vikings

With a declining Adrian Peterson seeming poised to leave the Vikings, this team has one of the worst offenses in the league. Defense is another story, but I don’t see a loss here.

Result: 21- 13 (9-3)

Week 14: vs. Saints

I think New Orleans’ days of owning us are at an end. First of all, we’ve swept them twice in three seasons. Second, they don’t have Brandon Cooks anymore which will hurt their offense bad. Third, inept general manager Mickey Loomis is still there, so I don’t see their defense not being awful. I hope the Saints keep him forever.

“Can’t believe I convinced Benson that if I got another year, I could out-negotiate Bill Belichick in a trade! Damn I’m smooth!”

Result: 31-27 (10-3)

Week 15: @Buccaneers

As both these teams are road warriors, here’s the game in this rivalry that we win.

Result: 30-21 (11-3)

Week 16: @Saints

After their anniversary bash was ruined last year, and now having lost three straight to us, the Saints will be playing their best football of the year. Drew Brees throws an overtime touchdown to win it.

Result: 34-40 OT (11-4)

Week 17: vs. Panthers

Sadly, Cam Newton is probably out by this time because he’s said to probably not be 100% for awhile into the season. And again, he’s recuperating behind Matt Kalil. I think we win either way.

Not saying I want cam to be knocked into the IR. It’s just my honest conclusion.

Result: 27-6 (12-4)

So I have us going 12-4 and getting a top two seed. Will we bring a Super Bowl to Atlanta this time? There have been a number of teams (Cavaliers,Clemson football, North Carolina basketball) redeeming championship game losses the very next year. I’m far from calling it, but we’ll see. RISE UP!!!

SWEEEEEEP!!! Predators-Blackhawks (Round 1) recap.

Preds sweep ‘Hawks!

Well, that’s an unexpected pleasure!

Favored to win the Stanley Cup once again, It goes without saying that the Chicago Blackhawks were expected to win this series with the Nashville Predators. So what actually happened? We proceeded to win all four games, two of which were blowouts! Whoa!

Me? These games are often close so I thought we had a chance. But I knew that we had to win one of the first two games in Chicago. Sure enough, we did that in game 1 with a shutout of the Blackhawks. We then followed that up by crushing Chicago 5-0!

There sure was.

At that point, we seemed favored to win the series. Then Chicago took a 2-0 lead in game three. I’m like, “Oh, shit! If Chicago wins, we have a series!” And you can’t give a team like the ‘Hawks a chance to come back. So Chicago is starting to open the door. But then Filip Forsberg slams the door with two goals and gets the Nashville crowd (no Chicago invasion this time) to chant his name. And then rising star Kevin Fiala bolts the door shut in overtime. A 4-1 win in game 4 and that’s all she wrote!

So how did we do it? I’m happy to report that the late regular season surge we were on has continued. First of all, Pekka Rinne is playing out of his mind! His save rate so far in the playoffs is crazy! Three goals in four games! That’s one way to beat a #1 seed — stop them from scoring goals.

No explanation needed.

Despite his stats and the apparent opinion of the home crowd in game 4 (“Crawford! Crawford! Crawford… YOU SUCK!!!”) Corey Crawford did a good job himself. But Chicago was outpaced throughout this series, particularly by defensemen like P.K. Subban and Roman Josi. Even when we couldn’t get the puck, like we couldn’t in game 1, we were logjamming them and making it difficult for them to get a good shot. Throw in decent scoring and you understand how we got the sweep.

If the truth be told, we dominated that stat sheet in the 2015 series against Chicago as well. Even in the one stat that matters, both of the blowouts in that series favored us. We just didn’t capitalize on our opportunities. We did this time. And so we get the sweep and advance to the second round.

“I am Forsberg, destroyer of goalies!”

We’ve got a bit of rest as we wait for the Blues to (probably) close things out against Minnesota. That could make the difference in whether we make the third round or not, but for now, I’m going to enjoy this moment. Welcome to Smashville!