Here is where I voice my opinions on whatever strikes my fancy. Politics, entertainment, everyday life, and just about anything I’ve been thinking about lately are all fair game. Just remember: it’s opinions. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I have to say.

Warriors, dominate, partly because LeBron doesn’t come through in the clutch.
For the third straight time, it’s a the Warriors and Cavaliers
What do you think? It’s about the Trump scandals.
Less than three months in, too.
Short answer: no. Long answer: Hell, naw!
Elevating an idiotic message with the messenger.
Congratulations to him.
Short version: Trump lost the first debate.
Mobilephobic gamers don’t like that Nintendo now makes non-console games. here’s why they’re wrong.
Facing steep odds in the presidential election, Donald Trump cries “stolen election.”
Donald Trump’s first week as the Republican nominee has not been encouraging.
Hell threatens to break loose come the Republican National Convention.
The old and new schools of watching shows.
The Iowa caucuses are almost here.
2015 has not been kind to Hillary Clinton.
Which, sad to say, is also a Joker.
My piece on the horrific shooting in Charleston, SC.
And light entertainment that resembles fanfic at that?
They won the Senate, but possibly not much else.
It’s one of those pro sports scandals. And it shows us why we shouldn’t be so quick to lionize celebrities.
A ruling on the ACA opens up the possibility that it will apply mainly to states won by Obama.
The air force pilots from Street Fighter pay their respects.
The media’s talking about OJ to the neglect of more important stories. I feel thirteen again.
Nintendo’s biggest parental oversight ever, not that it seemed to do any damage.
Vladimir Putin attacks Ukraine, and it may make disaster inevitable.
The Drudge Report and Daily Caller’s love for the military is no match for their hatred of the poor.
Why I’m afraid that I didn’t enjoy it as much as many others.
Goodfellas explains the real reason why the mobs are so hard to catch.
I explore the possibilities of a backlash against the ACA, a Democratic comeback, and everything in between.
The days of Republicans shattering the courts through inaction are at an end.
Democrats more or less prevail in off-year elections, but dark clouds still may be forming.
Our completely unnecessary government shutdown has ended, but is another right around the corner?
The government shuts down over philosophical differences. Is the debt ceiling next?
How many times has Washington made promises of big, bipartisan plans that it couldn’t keep?
Superman fights Maxima in the 1990s cartoon, and thanks to the censors, gets destroyed.
My two-weeks-late analysis of the election.
A look at the most important presidential debates and how they relate to 2012.
My take on the abortion debate.
My two cents on the contest to decide who gets to take on President Barack Obama.

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