E-mail: gimili10@windstream.net

I’m just a guy living in America (Marion County, GA, to be exact). I actually got my accent on the West Coast, although my parents are 100% southern, along with nearly all my other relatives.

I grew up on TV, movies, and video games.  I also read books. I’m no academic, but I do read.

The Internet seems more political than the outside world, so I may as well weigh in. I’m mostly Democratic in my affiliation. I do waver on the crime topic, though.

This blog will include my reviews of various things and opinions of certain events.

In closing, I will explain the ratings system in my reviews. It’s a scale of up to ten. Here’s what the numbers mean:

10 – perfect. So exceptional that few things rate this.

– classic. Flaws are very minor and not easily seen.

– outstanding. Hardly perfect but unhesitatingly endorsed.

– good. Maybe not for everyone but probably acceptable to most.

– above average. Just a little more good than bad.

– average. Merely passes the time. Don’t expend energy to find this one.

– below average. Has its moments but is mostly weak.

– bad. I’ll not mince words. This sucks.

– awful. Four root canals would be a more enjoyable experience.

– shit. Among the worst of the worst.

Below 1 – Hell-spawn. If this seems extreme, don’t worry. My ratings won’t get this low too often. It indicates that the creator hates the consumer.

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