Dumb and Dumber To

Yep, they’re still breaking the mold of comically stupid characters having redeeming ethics. No, Lloyd and Harry are pretty much assholes!

Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas
Jack Daniels as Harry Dunne
Rob Riggle as Travis and Captain Lippincott
Rachel Melvin as Penny Pinchelow
Steve Tom as Doctor Bernard Pinchelow
Kathleen Turner as Fraida Felcher

Yes, twenty years after the original Dumb and Dumber, they made a sequel. Well, it’s at least surprising if you ignore the atrocious Dumb and Dumberer, which we all do anyway. Maybe there is hope for the sequel that the last scene in Super Mario Bros. promised after all. But I hope not.

The target audience of that one.

The way this starts out is kinda illogical. The original ended with Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne without any money or a vehicle and walking the countryside somewhere in presumably Nevada or Colorado (I’m assuming they got to another state before their motorcycle broke down). Twenty years later, we see that they did in fact get back home somehow. Harry reads a letter (actually, he’s had it forever, he’s just negligent as Hell) that informs him that he has a long-lost daughter in El Paso, Texas. It just so happens that Harry has a medical condition that requires a kidney transplant. Since it’s optimal for that to be a direct relative, he’s got all the more reason to find this daughter.

Although his movies since his comeback a decade ago haven’t been great, Jim Carrey shows here that he is still a great comic actor. His energy and timing are both perfect. Jack Daniels is again almost as good as the other supreme moron of these movies. Although so much time had passed since the original, the chemistry hasn’t lessoned one bit! Members of the supporting cast do their jobs well, although the lack of Texas accents in El Paso tarnish things. At least Rachel Melvin plays a dumb brunette to a T.

Well, she is said to be Harry’s daughter.

Although the plot has a familial twist, it goes the same way as the original. Like the original, this is a road movie. Like the original, a sinister plot is hatched by bad guys who think Lloyd and Harry know more about what’s going on than they do. Like the original, Lloyd and Harry have a falling out. And like the original, that falling out doesn’t last long.

We even see the blind kid who Lloyd conned in the old movie and Fraida Felcher this time as a character in her own right. There’s also a number of gags that are modified versions of old jokes or outright repeats. I realize that Dumb and Dumber fans are your audience, but this movie is not going to dissuade those who think Hollywood can’t come up with anything original.

There is the matter of Harry’s daughter, Penny, but they even f*ck that up with a cowardly, non-committal twist.

Dumb and Dumber To, despite it’s lack of originality, has a strong first hour. when the setting changes to El Paso, it’s all downhill.

Not unlike Lloyd and Harry’s taste in vehicles.

That is why you don’t review a movie until it’s finished. some are V-shaped or hill-shaped. Alas, the sequel to the 1994 classic falls into the latter category.

Overall: 5 out of 10


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