A second wind for this rivalry? Predators-Blues (Round 2) preview.

I’ve never seen the St. Louis Blues as that much of a rival. This Predators fans’ main rivals come in the following order: Blackhawks, Stars, and Red Wings. But rivalries can be intensified by the playoffs.

Could this series create greater hostility between the Preds and Blues?

Both the Preds and Blues have eliminated the top two seeds in the Western Conference in short order. Now we face each other in the second round.

Defensively speaking, we should probably have the advantage. We allowed just three goals in four games against Chicago. The Blues’ defense is pretty good, but it hasn’t been as good as ours, especially in their last two games.

Offensively, though, our lack of depth is concerning. We’ve mostly been scoring with the top lineup. I don’t think we can hang around in shootouts.

The key is what it was against Chicago. Pekka Rinne has to be a wall again And we have to outpace the Blues’ big-ass defensemen so we can hold onto the puck. Keeping the puck is obviously the best way to stop the opposition from scoring.

Like so.

The players and coach Laviolette have said that they expect this series to be harder. I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s not always going to be a sweep. Not in the playoffs.

Obviously, this is a big series for both teams. Both are on the surprisingly long list of teams that have never won a Stanley Cup. Making it to the third round is an important step to this goal. But only one team can do that. That is why a real hockey rivalry may be about to emerge.

Hope our guys are on this side of the series and rivalry.

Thanks to the NBA and NHL playoffs and release of the NFL schedule, I’ve had to blog frequently. So much so that I skipped my usual weekend review of a movie or video game. But this sure isn’t dull. I’m having a good time watching my basketball and hockey teams in the playoffs and writing about them here at Gimili’s Palace. I sincerely hope that they keep me busy. Welcome to Smashville!


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