Is there any hope left for Sega?

I recently watched the Trailer of Sonic Forces. What did I see? A lot of fast-paced action, but this game has the following issue: it looks like the camera will have trouble keeping up with Sonic because he’s too fast. Sure he’s supposed to be fast, but one of the biggest problems these 3D Sonic games have has been the camera being out of place because it’s not fast enough.

Although Sega is financially struggling, it does not seem to learn from its mistakes. But the question is really not why this company would learn but why anyone at this point and time would still put faith in it.

If they wanna try this shot at the messenger, the Falcons were the #2 NFL team last season. Sega’s last year of video game relevance? 1995. Don’t compare this.

If that sounds like an overstatement, look at the history of this company. Back when Sega was in the console-making business, the company survived Nintendo’s domination of video games in the 1980’s, became the top company in the industry for a few years (1991-1994), fell apart for the next several years, and became a third party developer best known for making these mostly mediocre-to-awful Sonic games, although the Football* Manager series is said to be pretty good.

*”Football” as in what we Americans call soccer, just to clarify.

So there’s nothing but a hot run an eternity ago, that still included the epic blunder of the 32X, to see this company as anything but a dumpster fire. That is not generally considered to be a good reason.

Vengeful gamers do know that Sega’s suits and the Sonic Team will retire stinkin’ rich either way, right?

I mean, I watch Youtubers and read bloggers old enough to remember the Sega Genesis expressing disappointment, but how many younger gamers give a shit about this company anymore? Sonic Boom crashed and burned in the sales. I’m not surprised, because most of the talk I’ve seen has come from the gaming vets. What do you expect? Those who know this company only by the mismanaged post-Genesis systems and sub-par Sonics will not hesitate to overlook it.

Not to mention that those who have hoped in vain for this company to rebound all these years only want it for Sonic the Hedgehog. They should face the music; they’re in the same position that Mortal Kombat fans were in a decade ago. Their best hope is for the company to go out of business and the assets to be purchased by a more competent company. I mean competent right now, not twenty-five years ago.

Apology rejected.

In the meantime, enjoy the Youtube rants on Sonic games, if not the games themselves.


One thought on “Is there any hope left for Sega?

  1. thenerdcritic

    Sega is much more than just Sonic, and at any time, if they wanted to, they could revive several of their old franchises and refit them for a modern audience. But if Sega wants to do that, first they have to deal with the hedgehog, by either actually making a good game for him or just leaving him behind.


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