When ignorant celebrities poison the well

celebritiespoisonwelltitleOn March 20, 2006, Charlie Sheen said something stupid. He said that the September 11, 2006 terrorist attacks looked more like a controlled demolition. As you can see above, one of the reasons was that instead of making then-President George Bush fly to Washington, Secret Service allowed him to continue reading My Pet Goat to the children he was entertaining.

Brilliant deduction, Chuck! Well, except for the fact that Bush ignoring the crisis of epic proportions, at least for the moment, made him look like an irresponsible idiot! But that was part of the plan. Why wouldn’t the American people support someone who had tricked them into thinking that he was an incompetent fool? George you magnificent bastard!


Sometimes it seems like logic really is just a rapper.

Enough sarcasm. Sheen quickly became a hero to the 9/11 truth movement. And I use “truth” loosely because the movement was never based on anything but paranoid fantasies. Osama bin Laden bragged about the attacks in videos of himself that he sent to Al Jazeera. Not to mention that Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists promoting this bullshit would contend that bin Laden is alive and held under lock and key. Why would a patsy be kept alive after we were to believe he was dead anyway? Because all this is a matter of shock and awe. Logic does not begin to factor into it.

It appears that Cleveland Cavaliers player Kyrie Irving has decided to join noted celebrity conspiracy theorists Sheen and Jenny “the government made my son autistic” McCarthy in stating that the world is flat. He says that it’s “not even a conspiracy theory,” the implication being that it’s definite truth but everybody is tricked.

Just for the record, every scientist in the world says the world is round. Astronauts have confirmed it. A flat Earth is utterly inconsistent with the concept of outer space. It’s not only not true, it would not even be possible for it to be true.


Bah, what would so-called scientists know about the shape of Earth? Let’s hear what the NBA superstar has to say!

In all fairness to Irving, this high profile person saying that the world is flat isn’t nearly as dangerous as Sheen claiming that the government staged 9/11 or McCarthy telling people that vaccines cause autism. It’s still dangerous. We struggle enough in educating our youths without these celebrities gumming up the works like this.

In all fairness to these celebs, why should we be believing everything they say just because they’re known? We shouldn’t. There are a lot of crazy and/or stupid people everywhere. Don’t believe people just because you’ve heard of them.


Some people never outgrew this game.

Facts are facts. If a celebrity says something different from the facts, accept that the celebrity is wrong. I’m not saying go with the crowd either, but at the same time, the truth should trump fame.


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