Let’s do it! Super Bowl preview.

super-bowlWhen the season began, making it to the Super Bowl seemed impossible. My Atlanta Falcons hadn’t made the playoffs since 2012. Few expected significant improvement except for the snaps because we had Alex Mack at center. Of course, things have turned out quite a bit differently.

After two blowout wins over quality opponents, we are in the Super Bowl. We face the New England Patriots or as the memes put it, Emperor Belichick and Darth Brady.

letsdoit1As a fan of the other team, I have serious problems with this. For one thing, when was the last time they destroyed a planet? For another, they’ve only won one Super Bowl in the last decade, which is less than either Manning. You want an empire, try LeBron James, Alabama football, or the Chicago Blackhawks.

Anyway, we haven’t had a very rich history leading up to this. But we can still win a Super Bowl right now. Of course, beating the last team in our way is a tall order.

Currently, we are slight underdogs in Vegas… which means nothing in the Super Bowl. In the current millennium, underdogs have won the Super Bowl most of the time. Two of those “upsets” were over New England. Ironically, their only recent Super Bowl win happened with a “pick ’em” rating.


Matt Ryan has so many targets that every game he plays has a “pick ’em” rating.

Most pundits are expecting a close, high scoring game. I’m not so sure. Atlanta’s defense has been playing extremely well in the playoffs. And pressure has been known to mentally get to Tom Brady when it happens throughout the the game. Bill Belichick knows this, which is precisely why he is partial to offensive linemen and tight ends. But our pass rushers penetrated a sturdy Green Bay offensive line, why not New England’s? Before you answer, bear in mind that Vic Beasley wasn’t pass rushing. he was spying on Aaron Rodgers in case he scrambled. No need to do that against Brady. Beasley will pursue him.

Here’s hoping we see this a lot.

On the other side of things, the Pats have a strong defense. It’s not impressive in any particular stat, but it is a “bend, don’t break” kind of unit. While their point allowances are undoubtedly downsized by weaker opponents, they are for real on this side of the ball.

That said, stopping Atlanta isn’t as easy as “take away their best player.” There’s playmakers everywhere. Most likely, they need Malcolm Butler to cover Julio without much help or someone else will be open.

All said, I don’t know who’s going to win this. Obviously, I am pulling for Atlanta so we can end the Super Bowl drought. RISE UP!!!


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