Falcons to the Super Bowl, cheeseheads molded. NFC Championship recap.


Falcons win!

Bears fans have to have absolutely loved this! You know, the Packers-Bears rivalry. Less elated is probably Drew Magary of Deadspin. He’s a Vikings fan and Packers hater who particularly gives it to the latter for its playoff losses in his annual Why Your Team Sucks previews. You see, he hates my Falcons as well because we ruined the best chance Minny’s ever had by winning the NFC over them back in ’98. Memo to Drew: get over it, it’s been almost twenty years.

But they’re not really what this is about. No, the subject is how a supposedly bad playoff team blew out its opponents in both rounds. As a result, we’re on our way to our second Super Bowl and the overtime win over Minnesota that I just mentioned is dethroned as the greatest victory in franchise history. Here’s hoping that record only lasts two weeks.


Nothing could beat this!

The final score over Green Bay is 44-15. The scoreboard may say slightly different, but before Aaron Rodgers threw his last touchdown, the refs missed an obvious fumble and Atlanta recovery that should have given us the ball right back.

The offense did what you’d expect them to do. They scored 44 points and racked up over 490 net yards. Matt Ryan even debunked the myth that he can’t move in the pocket when he has to. There was one drive in which his receivers and offensive line were breaking down, so he ran for 14 into the end zone himself!


The Braves’ official Twitter got in on the celebration.

But what nobody expected was the defense pressuring Aaron Rodgers a lot, turning the ball over twice and holding Green Bay’s at least top 5 offense to 15 — shut up about those fraudulent last 6 points! Rodgers was under fire all game despite having one of the best offensive lines at stopping pressures. This is particularly encouraging moving on to the Super Bowl.

Does Dan Quinn have the Packers’ number? It looks that way. He is now 4-0 against them. His teams have only allowed more than 22 points once, and two of those wins were blowouts.


Dan Quinn loves Gatorade.

I read some prominent sports journalists claiming that Matty Ice is leading the MVP race. If so, he may have clinched it today. I think the Patriots have to slaughter the Steelers for Tom Brady to make a compelling case.

We get our third bye week of the season and then it’s time for the big show. What a great, great season this has been! And I believe at this point that we can win the last one. RISE UP!!!

Next week…

Pro Bowl Football


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