The Falcons will win… I think. NFC Championship preview.

nfcchampionshipLook around the NFL, Dirty Bird Nation. Twenty-eight teams are no longer playing football. Yet our season continues. This is almost too good to be true. But it is! And it’s not over yet. We made it this far, we just might, to quote Tom Berenger in Major League, “win the whole f*ckin’ thing!”

But there’s still two games to win before that. The first comes this Sunday in the last game ever in the Georgia Dome. The volcano-hot Green Bay Packers come to Atlanta to play us, having just overcome a dead run game and secondary to upset Dallas.

Although the Pack has won eight games in a row, we do have some serious advantages in this one.

Fun fact: Dan Quinn is 3-0 against the Packers. Sure, the first to were as a defensive coordinator, but still...

Fun fact: Dan Quinn is 3-0 against the Pack. Sure, the first two were as a defensive coordinator, but still…

First of all, this will be the last ride in the Dome ever. You think we want to leave it with a loss? That will be one Hell of a rallying cry!

Second, if we can score 43 points on the Seahawks (we took a knee at their 2-yard line when the score was 36-20), 52 on the Packers is frankly not unrealistic. Their defense is that bad. After three good performances, it made Matt Barkley and Sam Bradford look like MVP candidates! Although Matthew Stafford’s once-great play was killed by a finger injury, he did wonders against the Pack’s secondary before again proving to be a wounded soldier in Seattle. And don’t let the playoff game vs the Giants fool you. They were dropping passes left and right, though I don’t believe that to be the difference in Green Bay’s 38-13 slaughter of the G-Men.

Third, if you want a Packers game in which they won less than the opposition beat themselves, look to the Cowboys game. Dallas committed an unsportsmanlike penalty that turned a surefire touchdown into a punt. Continuing on their bad roll, Dallas committed pass interference to nullify an interception on what turned out to be a touchdown drive. As much as some don’t want to acknowledge this about the great Aaron Rodgers, the Packers don’t win without these big breaks.


With this country’s over-consumption, drug use, and under-education problems, maybe the Cowboys really did earn the “America’s team” moniker.

Finally, while our defense may be write home about, we do have Vic Beasley the sack leader of the the league. OK, he probably wouldn’t be the sack leader if not for the JJ Watt injury, but the point stands! If Dallas, with its dearth of good pass rushers, was able to pressure Rodgers a lot in the second half, why not us? Particularly since their offensive line got roughed up and probably won’t be 100%.

So the plan for victory is set: Score early, often, and hit Rodgers enough to keep the Packers down on the scoreboard. Falcons win. It doesn’t even have to be close.

It's funny to think of a potential game changer being an Atlanta pass rusher, but there you go.

It’s funny to think of a potential game changer being an Atlanta pass rusher, but there you go.

But A-Rod is a quarterback who can work a miracle. So you really can’t be sure.

Here’s hoping that the state of Georgia is celebrating a Super Bowl appearance on Sunday. RISE UP!!!


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