Retribution, playoff vindication, a great potential send-off, and proven contender-ship! Falcons-Seahawks recap.


Falcons win!

We won the game that meant everything. Memories of the other playoff game that we won over Seattle, the controversial way that earlier loss to Seattle this season ended, and the tight race for the #2 seed, a bit of a rivalry between these teams has emerged. Look for it to continue because I believe they’re on our schedule next season. But for now, we’re the winners.

If this truly was the last game in the Georgia Dome, it was a great way to close it. A 36-20 win in a playoff game and wasn’t even that close. A second interception and a 13-yard run by Devonta Freeman put the ball at the Seattle 2, where we took a knee. I’m surprised by Dan Quinn’s practical play to win rather than shoot to kill approach. His defeated former boss, Pete Carroll, has never had any remorse about running up the score.


Then again, Seattle’s a team with a 9/11 conspiracy theorist coach, religiously fanatical quarterback, and a brawling defense.

Simply put, the Falcons were unstoppable today! With over 400 yards 34 points (“D” scored 2), this sure wasn’t “playoff Matt Ryan.” It was just Matt Ryan. I don’t want to hear any excuses about no Earl Thomas. I heard the Seahawks-gushing announcers use this as an excuse throughout the game, but one player is not that important. We had to go without Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu for two games and still delivered.

Defensively, the team was just adequate. Russell Wilson was running for his life nearly the whole damn game, Thomas Rawls came back to earth after last week’s admittedly great showing, and Jimmy Graham was shut down. One issue I did have is that a secondary that has been doing very well for some time (even without Desmond Trufant) got beat down the field a lot this time. Then again, they can’t be fully at fault because huge returns by ex-Falcon Devin Hester kept giving Seattle’s offense momentum and decent-to-great field position. I kept wondering why Matt Bosher kept kicking to Hester. “Aim for the 30 if you have to,” I kept thinking to myself.

Still, this defense did its job, all things considered. It allowed just 20 on a 5-loss team. Can’t ask much more than that.

Anyone notice that Matt Ryan has kept wearing that Tom Brady glove despite his thumb being long-healed? A message concerning the MVP race, perhaps?

Anyone notice that Matt Ryan has kept wearing that Tom Brady glove despite his thumb being long-healed? A message concerning the MVP race, perhaps?

As someone looking for justice in this game, seeing Michael Bennett starting fights in frustration over Ryan Schraeder immobilizing him had me all, “this game gets better and better!”

Having said that, I must speak out against a tasteless joke told about a Seattle player by a so-called sports journalist:

Not funny, asshole! If he takes that tweet down, it’s Ian Rapoport joking that the knee injury suffered by Deshaun Sheed killed him. This is the kind of maturity I would expect from a 15-year-old troll.

Yeah, this game got us into it all right!

Yeah, this game got us into it all right!

Back to the game. The refs were almost as offensive as Rapoport, starting with them missing offensive pass interference on Richard Sherman. They also missed obvious details that forced Dan Quinn to use a couple challenges. So you can’t say they were in our pocket. That said, what is the argument for not making flags and no-flags subject to coach’s challenges?

Great win! Blowing out a good team can’t be taken for granted. RISE UP!!!

Next week…



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