Are the Hawks right to blow it up?

hawksblowinguptitleYeah, it’s been awhile since I blogged about any other team but the Falcons and Alabama’s football program, but there’s recent Hawks news that is too big for me to not weigh in. Kyle Korver has been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for… a first round draft pick. A new report says that there are no immediate plans to trade Paul Millsap after all. But that doesn’t mean we won’t after the season. In fact, we probably will.


So long and good luck. Except when playing us (not that the Cavs usually need it anyway).

The evidence is mounting: we’re rebuilding.

Is this the right decision? Many of the fans don’t seem to think so. Some Hawks fans who I follow on Twitter say that this is mistake. We’re #4 in the East they say. Surely #4 can’t be too much worse than Cleveland and Golden State, right? Well, if you operate under the assumption both conferences in the NBA are equal, one would conclude that this contrary argument is correct.

But the conferences are not equal. As of this posting, there are three Western Conference teams with better records than mighty Cleveland. The East also houses the worst team in the NBA: the Nets. The West is superior, plain and simple. We’re just barely a top ten team right now. And that doesn’t bode well for us in the postseason.

How did we get here from 60 wins two seasons ago? The answer lies in how our offensive play has diminished. After the loss of DeMarre Carroll to Toronto, we weren’t the offensive powerhouse in 2015-2016 that we had been the season before. While our rebounding and perhaps defense have improved, our offense has turned to shit. We turn the ball over with reckless abandon and shoot like movie henchmen, never able to hit broad side of a basket!

Our rather emotive coach has been doing this a lot over the turnovers and bad shots. Me too.

Our rather emotive coach has been doing this a lot over the turnovers and bad shots. Me too.

So yeah, I lean towards rebuilding. It’s true that this team won in Cleveland and Toronto. We also got curb-stomped by the Knicks and Pelicans. In fact, we are blown out a lot! This inconsistency points irresistibly to a team that’s not ready for the big time. We may be on a hot streak now, but we’re still looking like shit on offense. This is not a team that can win it all. Unless we make some changes. Even if those changes require short-term sacrifice.

Sure, we can continue to have good seasons before getting sucked into the black hole that is Cleveland. Or we can develop superstars. It may take time, but it’s obvious at this point that the free agents we need don’t want to come here. No, the draft is the way to go. We won’t make it any other way.


What Captain Obvious Blogger is saying is that we need to get a superstar by any means necessary. Everbody and their uncle can’t be wrong.

Meanwhile Millsap and especially Korver are both getting older anyway. The time to move will come. Don’t be so afraid to become the 6ers by choice that eventually do so by accident.

And I guess that’s it. The National Championship will be on soon. Expect a recap of it tomorrow. True to Atlanta!


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