daredevilnetflixtitleCharlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil
Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson
Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page

Remember Daredevil, that mediocre movie that was made early in the seemingly neverending superhero movie boom? Its only modest box office profit and the outright failure of the Elektra spin-off pretty much killed that series, but apparently somebody decided to give it a try over a decade later.


Cheap, bullshit season 1 costume.


That’s more like it!

This show takes a very different approach. Whereas the 2003 movie was centered around action and detailed explanations of how Daredevil’s sensory powers work, this show thrives on drama inspired by The Dark Knight. There is not a lot of explanation of Daredevil’s powers, though. We’re told that he was blinded by a radioactive liquid that also enhanced his other senses, but that’s it.

While I love this show, there is a caveat I would add: if you don’t like too much talking in your superhero movies and shows, you won’t like this show. Much of this show is Daredevil’s true self, Matt Murdock, working as a lawyer. He runs a modest law firm with lifelong friend Foggy Nelson and secretary Karen Page. Matt only wants just cases, while Foggy is a more typical lawyer with an opportunistic streak. This creates great character conflict.


“Did you stub your toe during the workday? Have an employee who needs medical leave? We at Nelson and Murdock can help you get ‘justice?'”

During the night, of course, Matt fights crime as Daredevil. There’s drama involving the criminals he fights as well. And it works. For instance, the second season had a story in which Daredevil battled The Punisher, a crimefighting vigilante himself, but who does so in a brutal way. Ironically, Matt ends up defending him in court, seeing Punisher as a well-meaning person with psychological problems.

So the drama works. How about the acting? The performances are very strong. Charlie Cox plays the part of a hero on a mission and does it well. Elden Henson and Deborah Woll play the parts of members of his law firm who work and talk with him. The casting of villains is just as good, particularly Vincent D’Onofrio as crime boss Wilson Fisk.


Unfortunately, this character was created decades ago, when a shaved head made you sinister. Today it’s almost normal.

To sum it up, Daredevil is worth Netflix’ subscription price by itself, in my humble opinion! Just don’t expect it to be action-first.

Overall: 9 out of 10


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