Unmovable object bests irresistible force. Alabama-Washington recap.

Alabama wins!

Alabama wins!

When this season began, I didn’t expect to never have to use the “Alabama loses” caption, but here we are. Now it’s looking like a perfect season could be real.

After all, is there no one who can score on this Tide defense? Well, this afternoon’s game made a rock-solid case that there isn’t anyone. Put into perspective, there’s not a single defense in the NFL that hasn’t been burned at least once, but this one hasn’t.


Bama fans reaction to Minkah Fitzpatrick returning to the field after injury: phew!

The Washington Huskies have a truly great offense, but we didn’t see that today. No, Washington’s offense failed to put much on the board. Their offensive line was pwned, receivers were well-covered, the run was stuffed, and they didn’t take care of the ball. Put simply, our defense is out of this world, even better than last year!

Offense didn’t play so well, Bo Scarbrough’s 68-yard touchdown not withstanding. We only scored 24 points (not all that much for college), and seven of them were on defense. Embarrassingly, we were frequently starting in enemy territory. Penalties and an offensive line meltdown of our own hurt us.

Sure wish "offensive MVP" was saying more today...

Sure wish “offensive MVP” was saying more today…

There’s no “next week…” part this time, because I don’t know who we face. All I know is that we’re National Championship favorites. That’s enough.

So much for Alabama being elevated by a weak SEC, eh? I’ll admit, I bought into it. I thought maybe we weren’t as good as our undefeated record. Never mind.

Maybe the SEC is in decline. But assuming the others don’t get it together, what that really means is that it’s our conference. ROLL TIDE!!!


One of these has the might of a dozen men! The other is a bull.


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