Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2: Children of Arkham

Batman_20161209041649Yeah, I know I reviewed Batman: The Telltale Series before, but it’s a cheap game that lets you choose whether you want to continue the story by buying the later episodes. Fortunately, I have the Season Pass Disc, which includes free access to all the episodes. I now review the second.

The first part had Bruce Wayne realizing that there was corruption in his family for which he was under investigation. On top of that, Batman’s questioning of mob boss Carmine Falcone prompted Falcone to claim that the Waynes are “the biggest gangsters in Gotham.” The second episode, Children of Gotham, has Bruce finally getting Alfred to admit that Bruce’s father,Thomas, did in fact have dealings with the mafia.


What’s wrong, Bruce? Can’t take a little loss of innocence?

Bruce (not Batman) confronts Falcone in his hospital bed to learn the total truth. Before he gets it, a police officer named Renee Montoya shoots Falcone dead. Batman’s research reveals that Montoya only did it because of a mind-control device. And as it happens, it seems that Gotham has a new, more violent kind of crime-fighting vigilante.

These episodes are interactive movies so you make character choices and in push buttons corresponding to the signal that appears on the screen in action scenes. You do both as you go through.

No what's "messy" is the blue goop.

No what’s “messy” is the blue goop.

Alas, this is decidedly not as good as the first episode. The reason is that this game uses The Penguin wrong. He’s supposed to be a criminal, but the plot has him as a violent vigilante. Also, he’s tall and skinny. No doubt they did this because of the popular version of the character in the ongoing crime drama Gotham. The difference being that Gotham is set when Bruce is a teenager and Penguin’s deforming condition hasn’t gotten serious yet.

But there are certain redeeming qualities with this game. The mystery involving vigilantes going too far actually is very well-done. Additionally, there are character interactions between Batman and Catwoman (who circumstances force to work together) that work well, as do certain plot twists.

Those eyebrows are how you know he's a bad guy.

Those eyebrows are how you know he’s a bad guy.

While not a great sequel, Children of Gotham is worth the money.

Overall: 7 out of 10


One thought on “Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2: Children of Arkham

  1. thenerdcritic

    I’ve always kind of had a problem with Telltale Games’ episodic selling model. For example, if I found episode two of Batman underwhelming, it would basically dull my expectations and excitement for the next episode, which would be a month away. That’s why I just buy when the entire thing’s out on store shelves, like it is now.


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