This could be a rabid pack of huskies. College football playoff preview.


The playoffs are here. While other teams are going for Bowls four teams are in the running for the ultimate trophy in college football! My Alabama Crimson Tide is one of them.

Our playoff game is against the Washington Huskies. They have unexpectedly emerged as contenders, having lost just one game and consistently dominated in their other games.


Fear the finger!

How have they done so well? First of all, their offense has been unnatural. Jake Browning has been a fantastic quarterback! He has thrown for 3280 yards, 42 touchdowns, and just 7 interceptions. Myles Gaskin and Lavon Coleman have been just as lethal on the ground. The result is that they average more than 40 points a game.

Defense is almost as good. Sacks and interceptions every time you turn around!

Despite all this, Vegas still has us as overwhelming favorites. I’m guessing it’s because they’ve been playing in a weak Pac-12. As a result, their schedule has been easy. But they have been destroying teams. It would be one thing if they were letting those guys hang around, but they’re not.


Instead, they serve as hangmen.

Besides, although you wouldn’t know it from how the Bowl games shook out, it’s not like the SEC was so great this year. The East is a mess in which two of their top three teams lost to Vandy and the other lost the SEC Championship by 38. Similarly, Though nowhere near as disappointing as the East, there’s not one team in the West that never lost at least one game that they shouldn’t have.

The point is, part of the reason we’re undefeated is because although no one wants to admit it, the SEC as a whole isn’t very good right now. Perhaps Florida and Auburn will restore the SEC to prominence next year with an offseason to get healthy. That is presumably the reason that 4-loss Auburn made the Sugar Bowl.


Myles Gaskin had best be ready for this.

I do think our defense will bring Browning and Gaskin back to Earth. We should win this game, but probably not in a blowout like some seem to think. ROLL TIDE!!!


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