San Francisco gets 86ed. Falcons-49ers recap.

Falcons win!

Falcons win!

That was for the beatings Steve Young and Joe Montana used to give us!


How times change, huh, Joe?

By a score of 41-13, this was a true ass-kicking. And while it was against a team that has only one win (on Monday Night Football where the 49ers always seem to do well no matter what), there are some schools of thought that if you’re not blowing out numerous opponents, you’re not Super Bowl contenders. I don’t know if I fully agree, but then again, almost every modern Super Bowl team did it. We’ve passed this threshold, at least.

We started out really fast by running the ball and mixing in the occasional deep ball to go up 21-0. But then Colin Kaepernick and Carlos Hyde started getting the San Francisco offense going. Until the halftime, that is. They hardly ever touched our territory again on offense and kept getting burned on the other side of the ball.


Can you believe that rising Falcon Taylor Gabriel is a former Brown?

Just a couple things, though. Freeman fumbling at their 1-yard line was not acceptable. Neither was allowing Colin Kaepernick to convert on 3rd and 14.

But although there were some bad moments after those mishaps, nothing like that happened again and besides, Deion Jones made Carlos Hyde (their only great player besides maybe Phil Dawsen) cough up the ball.

Deion Jones

Ex-LSU Tiger/Saints fan or not, it’s great that we got DJ.

Fun fact: Atlanta is now 2-0 against Chip Kelly. The first win was a far closer one last year when he was coaching the Eagles. Will there ever be another meeting with him? Because there’s rumors abound about him getting fired after one year or quitting on his own. My guess is that if he quits, he’s going to Jacksonville unless Ole Miss is crazy enough to fire their best coach in forever after one bad year. After all, the Texas and LSU jobs have been filled. But my guess is he’s still a 9er next year.

My obligatory Kaepernick comment: a lot of conservatives and patriots who are offended by his protests of the national anthem will probably pounce on this game, but believe me when I tell you that Tom Brady wouldn’t have saved them. Again, the 9ers are lacking talent in almost every position. They don’t need a new quarterback, they need a hammer and chisel rebuild.

We remain first in our division. We want Tampa Bay to lose so we can have some insurance, but it’s a great time to be a Falcon fan. RISE UP!!!

Next week…



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