We really should blow them out. Falcons@Rams preview.


Jeff Fisher is a guy whose continued status as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams leads even the talking heads on ESPN to conspiracy theories about owner Stan Kroenke getting blackmailed. Let’s forget that Fisher is nearing a decade since his last winning season. He does dumb shit like losing his challenge flag last Sunday and banning franchise icon and Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson from the sidelines.

Frankly, what exactly is the argument for Fisher getting a 2-year extension? The only answer I can think of is that the Rams’ problems go beyond Fisher. This team has not had a winning year since Bush’s first term.  Then again, this team does in fact have a fair amount of talent. Todd Gurley, and Aaron Donald are both pretty good players, for instance. So with that available talent, why hasn’t Fisher been fired for not properly utilizing it?

Perhaps this is the only reason.

Perhaps this is the only reason.

Anyway, these guys should be no problem. While their defense isn’t bad, it’s been struggling against quality offenses lately, allowing 49 points to the Saints and 26 to New England.  If we don’t hang 30 on them, I’ll be disappointed.

For two straight weeks, our defense, while not great by any stretch of the imagination, allowed under 20 offensive points (only 13 of Kansas City’s 16 points last week were scored on offense). We should be able to keep their score far behind ours.

Look for him to do this a fair amount on Sunday... I think.

Look for Matty Ice to do this a fair amount on Sunday… I think.

Don’t let us down, Falcons! The Rams are not at all good, especially outside their division. So this is a must-win. If we lose this one, we’re not winning this division over Tampa Bay.

We still have a positive record and are arguably better than that in light of the difficulty of our schedule up to this point. We can’t have another shot at the playoffs get away from us. RISE UP!!!


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