Not much to say but “on to the playoffs.” SEC Championship recap.

Alabama wins!

Alabama wins!

Well, the Tide won the SEC for the third straight time. We go on to the College Football Playoffs.


Was there any doubt?

There’s really not much to say about this game. Well, maybe a little. We actually fell behind in the first quarter. As it has many times, our offense started out slow. Among other things, we had a botched snap that forced a three-and-out and couldn’t get a touchdown out of intercepting an Austin Appleby pass deep into enemy territory. But once our defense started getting help it was over.

The final score was 54-16. Yikes! That’s more one-sided than Chattanooga did a couple of weeks ago. That says everything!

"I am Saban, destroyer of worlds!"

“I am Saban, destroyer of worlds!”

Basically, the Florida Gators, along with SEC East as a whole, are shells of their former selves. This wasn’t a true test. It was a beatdown of an underwhelming, banged-up team who won their division by default because nobody in there was very good.

We’ll have to wait and see if the East improves next year. As for as the Gators specifically, they have to fix their offensive line and especially address the elephant in the room: quarterback.

By the way, enough Tebow jokes on social media. You do know that he was actually good in college, right?

By the way, enough Tebow jokes on social media. You do know that he was actually good in college, right?

As for us, it goes without saying that we’re in the playoffs. I don’t know how the rest of the picture shakes out, except to say that we haven’t necessarily been tested that much. Yes, we are loaded with talent, but part of the reason we never lost — and this is something nobody wants to admit about our conference — the rest of the SEC had a down year. No other SEC team had less than three regular season losses.

What that means is that you shouldn’t be surprised if we still don’t win the National Championship. Would I bet against that. Oh Hell no, I think we’ve by far the best chance. No doubt. But it’s not the slam-dunk many would assume.

Whatever happens, this has been a magical season. ROLL TIDE!!!


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