Down to two plays. Literally. Falcons-Chiefs recap.


Falcons lose!

Sometimes a football game can be close yet still be decided by one or two plays among over a hundred. Today’s bout against Kansas City was one of those times.

For the most part, we did well. We scored 29 points and held Kansas City to a modest number of offensive points.Yes, this team continues to be allergic to tight ends, but we did, nonetheless, not break. Defense came through on some pivotal third downs.


To win the game, stupid!

The problem was two plays that gave the Chiefs 14 more points than they should have had.

The first was a questionable decision that lead to a second quarter pick six. Matt Ryan He has been an excellent quarterback this year, but it looks like he still has a mad scientist’s ambition that leads to a lot of downfield interceptions similar to imperfect greats Brett Favre and Dan Marino’s.

That, along with a pick on the 2-point attempt that was taken home for safety, will really hurt Matt Ryan’s MVP candidacy. Really, if Tom Brady doesn’t have at least one bad -pre-playoffs game, I cannot justify Ryan getting it anymore. As a fan, I hate saying that, but as an analyst, I must be honest about it.


Yeah, I know. The Patriots are about as liked on the Internet as Jar Jar Binks.

Back to the game. The other hiccup was our punting defense falling down and allowing a fake punt (which is supposed to be really hard to convert because you got blockers and a punter playing offense) that became a touchdown. That’s arguably even worse than the pick six.

But it’s not all negative. This was the last good team left on our schedule. Two bad teams are in front of us, followed by two rivals we dominated at a time when our defense was breaking as well as bending. Three out of four is 10-6 and given the difficulty of the schedule, better that has a better than even chance heading into January.

The "P" word.

The “P” word.

But we can’t repeat these mistakes. RISE UP!!!

Next week…rams


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