High-flying Dirty Birds meet cardiac Chiefs. Falcons-Chiefs preview.


The Kansas City Chiefs are one three teams (the others being the Lions and Giants) who are statistically bad yet are well beyond .500. Why?  Because they always seem to surge in the last 2-8 minutes of play.


After they drink this…

Specifically, the Chiefs have a mediocre at best quarterback in Alex Smith, subpar run game, and ok receivers and defense. But they always seem to heat up in the end. Take Sunday Night Football. After blowing a 9-point lead to Denver, they got a touchdown and two-point conversion in the closing moments of the fourth quarter, then proceeded to win in overtime.

The reason for their success may be Andy Reid. As opposed to last year’s awful clock management and the epic comeback they allowed to the Colts two years ago, they have been extremely clutch this year. Reid has been coming through in his orchestration of these comebacks. I always thought he was an underrated coach and he’s pretty much eliminated any doubt of that this year.

Nothing further needed to add.

Nothing further needed to add.

The key is to anticipate that. Get up by 10 so you can withstand their magical last-minute touchdown or forced turnover. That way, we’ll win regardless.

As we put 38 on Arizona’s good defense, we certainly have the offense. Do we have the defense.? We lost Adrian Clayborn and are shorthanded. But Jalen Collins stepped up nicely to fill Desmond Trufant’s helmet. Here’s hoping that the next man after Clayborn can do the same.

Time for Matty Ice to freeze another defense!

Time for Matty Ice to freeze another defense!

We’ll see. If we’re up by 7 or more entering the fourth quarter, I think we win. If not, we lose. RISE UP!!!


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