A mere formality… or is it? SEC Championship preview.


Let’s get something straight. I’ll never root against my team. I’ll always root for Alabama to win the National Championship. But I totally understand why so many who aren’t even fans of rivals hate seeing us do it. We’ve seen it happen so many times before. Again, it’s not a problem for me. I see Alabama on the field every week anyway. I just understand why almost nobody who is neither a Bammer or hater of our opponents wants to see us win. It’s precisely why when it comes to hockey, I was glad to see the Blackhawks and Kings (the two mini-dynasties) of the NHL. I wanted new blood in the conference/Stanley Cup Finals. So I’ve been there.

People like newborn champions.

People like newborn champions.

But do you think I want my Alabama Crimson Tide to go undefeated in the regular season and then get eliminated from playoff contention, *snaps fingers* just like that? F*ck no! I’ve heard the arguments that we won’t be left out even if we lose this game. I disagree. The case for a non-SEC Championship Alabama in the playoffs is based on current perception without considering that after losing the title to the leaders of the worst SEC East since 2010*. Lose the SEC to that kind of team and the consensus will be that we choked, Jalen Hurts proved that he’s not the real deal, Nick Saban’s not the coach he used to be, etc. And that will influence the committee in ways that are not favorable to the Crimson Tide.

That said, almost everybody agrees that this going to be yet another pummeling of an SEC East team. Vegas has us as 24-point favorites. How often do I agree with the consensus?

Hopefully not this often. Don't wanna be a zombie.

Hopefully not this often. Don’t wanna be a zombie.

Would you call me crazy if I suggested that maybe the Florida Gators have a chance? Almost everything we’ve seen says that we should massacre them. We are undefeated in possibly the toughest division in college football. Florida is a 3-loss team in a woefully under-performing division. their offensive line is awful. Quarterback Austin Appleby isn’t very good, to put it mildly. To be fair, he’s the backup behind the injured Luke Del Rio (who’s not good either). Their run game is a little worse than their passing attack.

But they do have a pretty good defense. As a result, they managed to upset LSU in Baton Rouge. Their offense didn’t play so well, only scoring 16 points. But their defense allowed even less. Bear in mind that LSU was tied with us until well into the fourth quarter.

When football met soccer.

When football met soccer.

So the Gators have a chance. I’d say a 3.76% chance. If they can stop us from moving the ball too much, they might be able to win in a low-scoring bout resembling their game against LSU.

But yeah, we win 96.24% of the time. ROLL TIDE!!!


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