The road to 12-0 has ended without a hitch! Iron Bowl recap.

Alabama wins!

Alabama wins!

The tradition of losing to Auburn every three years has ended! We win the Iron Bowl 30-12! Thus, Alabama’s regular season ends without a single defeat. Not that beating Auburn isn’t great no matter what!

Now that we've beaten Auburn three times in a row, can we hear less talk about the kick 6?

Now that we’ve beaten Auburn three times in a row, can we please hear less talk about the kick 6?

But this game brings into question whether the “defense wins championships” narrative is to be questioned. Because both defenses played well in the first half. We killed Auburn in the second half, yes, but this was largely because their offense hadn’t been able to get much going for their third straight game. As a result, their defense got tired, while our offense performed competently all game, particularly the quarterback/wide receiver duo of Jalen Hurts and ArDarius Stewart. Offense or lack thereof has meant that Auburn is not quite there yet (which does not break my heart). Their “O” needs help all around while their “D” is pretty much ready.

You can also look at Auburn's mix of offense and defense like this.

You can look at Auburn’s mix of offense and defense like this.

While Alabama and Auburn’s defenses are closely matched with us having a slight edge, We’re the National Championship contenders of the SEC West because we have a solid offense as well. Simply put, I dispute that defense alone wins championships. And it’s not just this game. The Cleveland Cavaliers won a NBA Championship despite having statistically less than elite defensive play, though offense was a whole ‘nother story. Similar NFL tales can be found in the 2009 Saints, 2012 Ravens, and 2014 Patriots. Some argue that “they made stops when it mattered,” but would they have mattered without excellent offense? Furthermore, the aforementioned 2012 Ravens allowed 30+ points in half their postseason games. The line must drawn way before that point.

Elite or not, Flacco clearly wasn't carried by his defense. Sorry, Steelers and Browns fans.

Elite or not, Joe Flacco clearly wasn’t carried by his defense. Sorry, Steelers and Browns fans.

OK, rant over. I shouldn’t allow anything to get in the way of my joy. An absolutely perfect season is in reach. From what I saw earlier today, Ohio State is entirely beatable by this Alabama team.

But we can’t look ahead. No matter how they fare against Florida State, the Florida Gators will meet us in Atlanta. If we don’t win, there will be some question about the playoffs because the committee favors conference winners.

For now, I rejoice a 12-0 regular season as the great achievement that it is. ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…2016sec


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