Saturday Night Live

snltitleCast has varied widely from era to era, so I won’t
list it.

I really wanted to call Saturday Night Live the longest running TV show ever, but it’s actually pretty far down the list. Not just news and sports programs have been on the air longer. No, there are some soaps that were around longer.

But still, SNL has a fantastic legacy! In the first place, it’s been around for four decades. In the second, it’s been a great show all these years! In the third, it’s had so man iconic moments like John Belushi falling down as one of The Bees, Chris Farley foolishly thinking that a man of his weight could do cartwheels without falling down, Cheri Oteri as a crazy cheerleader, and Big Bird as a guest on Weekend Update even though it was way past his bedtime. Finally, there’s the fact that this show is a bridge between two eras of comedy.





Forty-one years of presidential imposters.

Like the old days, we have short sketches with separate plots before an audience. As a result, every member of the cast has to play numerous characters every episode. Does it work? Yeah! This show has consistently been creative and insightful in the stories it brings to life, 3-10 minutes at a time.

But what about the humor? SNL has been consistently funny over the years. Whether with a weird job interview or confessedly fake news, the cast and writers of this show will make you laugh.

Yeah, Chris Brown and his military kill mark of his girlfriend are old news. gimme a break, it was to find modern, apolitical SNL photos.

Yeah, Chris Brown and his military kill mark of his girlfriend are old news. Gimme a break, it was hard to find modern, apolitical SNL photos.

Like any other longtime show, SNL has had its ups and downs. I doubt many recall the 2000s with its limited material with any kindness. Among the examples are Will Farrell’s lame parody of George W. Bush, in which he didn’t get the accent or lines right. High points of the show, in my mind, include the first couple casts and early 1990s. But as a sign of the enduring quality (most of the time), my all-time favorite recurring sketch is this show’s version of Celebrity Jeopardy.

What has been the consistently worst part of the show is the musical guests. Not that there’s not plenty of good music, but this is an industry that is about the flavor of the moment. SNL keeps inviting flash in the pan bands that we won’t have any trouble accepting the suckage of in a few years. Not all these bands are bad, but a lot are. Since guest hosts have a lot of say in musician choice, let’s blame it on them.


I still have nightmares of Cypress Hill stinking up SNL. It’s kind of amusing to learn that they got banned from SNL (for other reasons).

Bad bands aside, Saturday Night Live is great! Hilarious and intelligent. You just often have to wade through some bad music.

Overall: 8 out of 10


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