Big game, especially for Auburn. Iron Bowl preview.


The Iron Bowl is a big deal. For Auburn, this is especially true. They’re fighting to stay in a top Bowl. But at three losses, their playoff chances are pretty much dead. They might have been able to make a case if the losses had come to Clemson, the Aggies, and us, but the third loss was to Georgia, As I’ve said multiple times before, this year’s SEC East is horrible, and Georgia is barely top three in it. To lose to such a team officially eliminates Auburn from the playoffs and they may not even get all that good a Bowl if they don’t win here.


Your reaction when you realize that your season hinges on beating Alabama.

For us, all that’s on the line is our playoff chances. We pretty much won the West weeks ago with our win over the Aggies. And we’re guaranteed to make the playoffs if we can beat Florida in Atlanta.

But this game is still a big deal. It is this year’s contribution to one of the greatest rivalries in sports. Two proud colleges in Alabama, a state that symbolizes college football like few others. And they’ve been fighting forever over which is the better school, both in popularity and sporting quality.


Let the battle commence!

Can we beat Auburn? While their offense is inconsistent, their defense is one of the best, holding Clemson to 19 and LSU to 13. Alabama ordinarily excels in low-scoring matchups, but Auburn has been so clutch in these circumstances that I don’t know.

The key is to score a lot of points on them. If it gets to a shootout, they don’t have much chance. No one has been able to score more than 29 on them, but I think we can win this game with 26.


It may be up to Lane Kiffin. But no Lane, you can’t take over when Saban retires. We haven’t forgotten how you did as head coach.

In the end, I see another win, though not a blowout, to cap off an undefeated regular season for Alabama. ROLL TIDE!!!


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