Last tiny game. Alabama-Chattanooga preview.


This should be last time we face a minor team unless you count whichever SEC East team enters the SEC Championship.  While the Chattanooga Mocs aren’t a horrible team at 8-2 in the Southern Conference, they’re not particularly special. I can’t recall ever seeing them ranked and they just lost to Wofford. An Ole Miss team that may close out the regular season at .500 beat Wofford by 25.

So this is a mismatch. Chattanooga is simply not in our league. has us winning 52-2 as of this posting. It’s probably cold computer tabulation that has them getting a safety instead of a field goal, but other that, it sounds right. After all, Wofford forced four turnovers on ‘Nooga. Can you imagine what a defense with Minkah Fitzpatrick and Jonathan Allen will do?



Not that Chattanooga care about the epic smackdown they’re going to get. Their program is getting some big exposure from this game, especially if it’s kept in prime time (which it shouldn’t but this is such a good Alabama team that it might anyway). This wouldn’t be case with Texas or Oregon who aren’t hurting for fans, just quality wins.

Is there any way I can see the Crimson Tide losing? Despite coach Saban’s philosophy of treating every game like it decides the whole season, there’s a possibility we don’t play our best game because, frankly, we haven’t much to play for. After all, we’ve already won the SEC West. We probably make the playoffs on two losses. And there’s no hatred for the opposition to inflame our passion. By contrast, an unlikely victory would elevate ‘Nooga into a much better Bowl.

If bowling really does go extinct, will anyone think that these are named after toilets?

If bowling really does go extinct, will anyone think that these are named after toilets?

But seriously, we’re probably not losing this game. The Iron Bowl is the hill for our undefeated season hopes to die on! ROLL TIDE!!!


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