Yeah, they are a home team. Falcons@Eagles recap.

Falcons lose!

Falcons lose!

OK, I was confident heading into this game because I doubted the notion that Philly is that much better at home. They weren’t in seasons past and besides, all their home games were against teams that are either horrible or in deep decline.

Well, that wasn’t the case with the Falcons. We scored 86 points a game over the last two yet were held to 15 today, our lowest yet. There are other reasons, of course, but for now I’ll give Philly their props. Hope we both make the playoffs. Don’t expect our offense to under-perform if we meet again there.


Whoever made this up is a square. Think about it. Even in preseason, teams “play off” against each other.

Where did we go wrong? Believe it or not, the defense is mostly blameless. Yeah, they gave up a lot of rushing yards, but at the same time, they held the Eagles to a modest score. Yes, the exact number of points given up was 24, but three of those were on account of a fourth down stop deep in our territory that basically gave them a last field goal.

Why didn’t our offense play well this time? First, the offensive line did not perform well in the first half, frequently allowing pressure. Chris Chester is the weak link who should be replaced as a starting guard next season. I always knew that if we lost, it would be because Matt Ryan wasn’t getting the protection.


The pawns couldn’t protect their king.

But even with the protection, our offense wasn’t delivering in the second half. I never thought I’d say this, but this game is on Julio Jones. Despite a few highlight catches, he was struggling to get open and had bad drops that left at least ten points on the field. This despite going up against a bad secondary.

They say that you’re never as good as your best game or as bad as your worst game. Guess that’s true.

No bad for you. Not this week, anyway.

No game ball for you, Julio. Not this week, anyway.

Of course, our offense is wounded, what with Jacob Tamme and Tevin Coleman out. Part of the offensive line struggles can be attributed to them not serving as escape hatches for Ryan when pressure came. Tamme was an especially bad loss because he’s been an underrated deep threat. We got away with against the Bucs last week, but not this time.

At least the Saints and Panthers also lost today. I think both are six-loss teams at minimum, so if we reach 10-6, we’ll win this division on strength of schedule. Not to mention that we’re 3-1 in the NFC South so far, but I hope to not see any more offensive performances like this. RISE UP!!!



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