Well, how would you expect a bulldog to fare against an elephant? Alabama-Mississippi recap.

Alabama wins!

Alabama wins!

OK, it’s 44-3 in the fourth quarter as I get this started. Oh, and Tony Brown just got us an interception. Not that i’m not still watching, but I might as well recap the game between Alabama and Mississippi State now.

This may well surpass Kent State as our most one-sided win. We have dominated from start to finish. By the time Miss State got on the scoreboard, they were already needing to play perfectly. We then scored some more. The game is over. The rest is a formality.

Yeah, I know it wasn't this boring. I'm being theatrical.

Yeah, I know it wasn’t this boring. I’m being theatrical.

The first key to success was the defensive performance seen at LSU last week. The opposition will not score very much. This is definitely the defense we need in the playoffs.

Offensively, we have proved that being held to 10 points last week was more about LSU’s “D” being good than our offense being bad. Jalen Hurts has been a literal running quarterback in a number of games, but he’s been passing a lot this time around, throwing 4 touchdowns. Overall, he’s got almost 450 cumulative yards.

One thing, though. Two turnovers against Miss State’s lousy defense is a definite dark spot. It just goes to show that Hurts is still a freshman.

Hope he doesn't do this in the bigger games coming up.

Hope he doesn’t do this in the bigger games coming up.

I guess that’s pretty much it. This is a rather short recap, but there’s really not much to say.

Oh wait, there’s more. We just scored again. We got 51. That’s a nice bonus.

OK, now that’s pretty much it. Glorious win! Helps build confidence and momentum as we near the SEC Championship. ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…



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