Do I smell a trap? Alabama-Mississippi State preview.


We’re nearing the end of the regular season. Just three games left. One of them is against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. They are the worst team in our division. A team with no chance of making a Bowl. While not the pushovers USC and Kent State were, a very easy win.

Just one thing, though. Miss State beat Texas A&M. What a shocker! It wasn’t even a particularly lucky win. Miss State did not lead the turnover margin, nor did they have any returns for touchdowns. What Miss State did was sack the quarterback a lot and run all over the Aggies. In other words, they seemed to win because they were the better team. And the week before that, they won by 15 over a not bad Samford program. Suddenly, this is looking like a different team.

Upset with a side order of shock.

Upset with a side order of shock.

The key to Miss State’s newfound success (even though they’re still fighting for Bowl eligibility) is stopping Nick Fitzgerald. Despite his low completion percentage, he’s been a force with his legs (839 yards on the ground, 8 touchdowns in 9 games). If not contained, he could turn this into a shootout.


Not bad for someone with a 12-year-old-looking face.

We can’t let that happen. If we lose this game, we’ve probably got to beat Auburn (well, we want to do that anyway, but still…) to reach the SEC Championship. Even if we do, there will be one-loss teams without the mark of a team that came into Tuscaloosa with a losing record.

Of course, that gets to the point that we could still blow them out. Their defense is still not playing so well and scoring lots on us is extremely difficult. I’d still take us by double-digits.

So victory remains very likely, though the consequences of defeat are harsh. ROLL TIDE!!!


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