So Trump won

sotrumpwontitleIt happened. Donald Trump is our President-Elect. So what does this mean for America?

Well, Trump made a lot of promises like building a border wall, repealing Obamacare, and cutting spending. Even with a Republican Congress, history shows that governing is far more difficult than winning.

The one thing for certain is that we have a center-right Supreme Court again.

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Scalia’s seat was never filled, remember?

A cautionary note for Trump and his supporters. House Speaker Paul Ryan claims that this is a “mandate” election. Don’t push your luck. As of now, Trump is behind in the popular vote. Rules, even questionable rules, are rules, but if losing the popular vote doesn’t put a President on thin ice with the American people, what does?

So how did Trump win? Well, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the two third party candidates whose support had mainly been among younger voters who favored Hillary Clinton yet were disenchanted by her, got enough votes to make the difference.

Well, Trump was a leftist for most of his life, so this new nader effect only fitting.

Well, Trump was a leftist for most of his life, so this new Nader-effect is only fitting.

Also, there’s the email thing and James Comey’s October surprise that I thought then and there might turn the tide. Sure enough, it did. And even objective Clinton supporters have to admit that she could have handled the email scandal better with less lashing out at the press and other actions that reeked of shooting the messenger.

For those who disagree with the last point and insist that she did all she could, do you remember Obama surviving black separatist preacher Jeremiah Wright and terrorist Bill Ayers? Some people have very short memories.


Very short memories.

Conclusion: Sanders supporters were right. Clinton was too unpopular and uninspiring. In fact, I struggle to come up with a single campaign theme beyond how horrible Trump is. So as much as the left-leaning millenials who voted for Johnson or Stein shouldn’t have, those who called Sanders supporters “Bernie Bros.,” with its baseless implications of misogyny and thuggery weren’t helping matters in the slightest.

So we’re in a brand new era. While I don’t like Trump and didn’t vote for him, I wish him the best of luck in office. He’ll need it.


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