First to score… Alabama@LSU recap.

Alabama wins!

Alabama wins!

This meeting between Alabama and LSU was surprising. As if it weren’t odd enough to not see Les Miles on the LSU sideline, there wasn’t a lot of scoring in this game. The first two quarters consisted of QB pressures, tight coverage, 3-and-outs, and of course, tackling. Consequently, we entered halftime scoreless.

The offenses made adjustments and got some more yardage in the third quarter, but in the stat that counts the most, points we were still deadlocked at 0-0.

You might think the defenses wren't this frustrated, but you're wrong. A tie is a tie.

You might think the defenses wren’t this frustrated, but you’re wrong. A tie is a tie.

A woman on Twitter tweeted, “this must be what soccer is like.” Oh no, there’s plenty of 2-1 and 3-2 soccer games, although there are 1-1 games as well. This particular game that remained scoreless for three quarters was unique.

Someone else pointed out that for there to be this little scoring, there must have been not just good defense but bad quarterbacks. Wrong again. The offensive lines were constantly overwhelmed and the quarterbacks were constantly being hit. Not much they could do, really.


Actually, I can appreciate a good defensive matchup. Not one in which both offenses constantly turn the ball over and trip over offensive linemen. That doesn’t meet the “good” criteria. What does is the kind in which there’s lots of hitting and struggling. There’s also a certain suspense in the fact that any scoring drive could be one that wins the game.


And if you like shock TV, you don’t get more electric than this score.

In the fourth quarter, Jalen Hurts finally got some mighty scrambles going, including a 21-yard run for a touchdown. A field goal would give us a cushion not long after that. No worries about an onside kick. LSU failed on fourth down. Our march to 12-0 continues!

The SEC Championship draws near. We’ve got a couple of minor games before the Iron Bowl. Auburn’s been playing well enough to make that a great rivalry game, but almost lost to Vanderbilt today. Do your part, Tigers! We’ve pretty much already done ours. ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…



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