The Nick Saban-Les Miles rivalry is over. Alabama@LSU preview.

AlabamaI hate LSU because of the corrupt state it represents. But I won’t explain why I have a problem with that state again. Just read this if you want to know why I don’t like Louisiana. Suffice to say that while Auburn is, and will forever remain, my top college rival, LSU isn’t far behind. There’s also the competition between the two head coaches. Well, not anymore. Les Miles has been fired over losses to Wisconsin and Auburn., so we’ll see Ed Orgeron on the sidelines.


Would you to like coach against Alabama when you’re not even a true head coach? Consider the salary before you answer.

Should Miles have been fired? As an Alabama fan, my answer is “no.” He is a National Championship winner, after all. And SEC Championship qualification has typically come down to head-to-heads between Bama and LSU. Sure, we’ve rarely lost, but it’s usually been close. When we have dominated, it’s rarely been before the second half. In other words, these are not insurmountable margins. But that will change if LSU doesn’t get a damn good coach.

Why haven’t the Hawks (NBA) fired coach Bud because he can’t beat the Cavaliers in the playoffs? Why wasn’t Bill Belichick (NFL) fired after his second Super Bowl loss to Giants teams that hadn’t been good enough to get first round byes? Because even great coaches find it hard to win titles. Don’t let Alabama’s rare dynasty fool you. There’s plenty of luck involved and besides, LSU’s talent isn’t what it once was.


He’s got two rings. Need I say more?

It’s true that LSU has been winning since the they fired Miles, but they haven’t really been tested since Auburn, which was the game that officially got him fired. They’ve been facing bad teams and almost losing to Mississippi State. Are they and their interim coach ready for Alabama? I doubt it.

Enough about Miles and LSU. We’ll do what we always do. Jalen Hurts will scramble and throw the deep ball. Damien Harris will run for the yellow marker. Jonathan Allen will charge at Danny Etling. And we’ll get the win.


Don’t we always?

LSU armchair quarterback fans probably didn’t like this preview, believing that there’s no luck involved in winning a championship, and that I’m just scared of whichever coach they get in the offseason. I can be shut up if this unremarkable LSU team with an interim coach beats us, which I very much doubt will happen. ROLL TIDE!!!


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