For once, the second half works for the Dirty Birds. Falcons-Packers recap.

Falcons win!

Falcons win!

We’re back out of the danger zone. Atlanta had taken two (controversial) losses in a row. That made us 4-3. Today we faced the Green Bay Packers, who are always a challenge to any team. Well, unless Aaron Rodgers is injured in 2013.

If we lost this game, we’d have fallen to .500 and had the Buccaneers and Saints right behind us. Instead, we’re still multiple games up on everybody in the NFC South. And snapping a four-game losing streak to Green Bay ain’t half-bad, either.

The first half was not so great. The dreaded offensive line penalties of last week were back and the defense was again bending and disintegrating. As a result we trailed 24-19 at halftime. And the Packers got the ball next. The possibility of a 12-point deficit loomed large.


Happy Halloween!

But then a funny thing happened: the defense got a stop. After the Pack had advancing the ball to midfield, a third down sack by Adrian Clayborn got our defense off the field. Next drive, Devonta Freeman and Terron Ward outplayed Green Bay’s steel-hard run defense to get a touchdown and put us ahead 26-19.

The fourth quarter saw both Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan trade touchdown passes. This was a scary moment. Rodgers, perhaps prematurely written off as a shell of his former self, was putting up big numbers for the second straight game. And he just had to get his team into field goal range. Instead, our defense completed an uncharacteristically competent second half with a fourth down stop to seal it.


Making their future HoF quarterback choke really made it come together!

Some are probably going to say that we only won this game because their secondary was beat up. But what about our injuries? Tevin Coleman was out. Julio Jones was shaken up at one point so he may as well have been out. For all we know, we could have scored 50 with them in the thick of things.

The season’s not over, but plenty of doubt of another midseason collapse has just been cast RISE UP!!!

Next week…



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