Break the streak! Please? Falcons@Buccaneers preview.


Have you ever failed at something you knew that you should have had every self-assurance that you could succeed in? That has been the story of the Falcons-Buccaneers rivalry over the last three meetings.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers suck, folks. While they got a lot of hype as a wild card team, and their win in Atlanta seemed to reflect that, things have changed in a hurry. Jameis Winston is on track to throw roughly twenty picks, complete less than 60% of his passes, and barring a lot of improvement in the years ahead, become the only backup quarterback with a Heisman. Doug Martin is out, though he’s been outplayed by Jacquizz Rodgers, who was our #3 running back his last year with us anyway. The “much-improved” defense of Tampa, much like the top ten quarterback Winston would become, has been all talk. Even though the Bucs are just a game away from .500, their wins include a backup quarterback for a losing team (Panthers) and the worst team not located in Cleveland (49ers).


Well, Captain America is a superhero who doesn’t have any powers on a team of people who do, so this kind of fits.

The Falcons, on the other hand, have the best offense in the league! We have finally mastered the West Coast scheme and it’s paying dividends! Sure, our defense has been bad, but it’s been showing improvement, as evidenced by the second half against Green Bay. Besides, it can come through in the clutch, as evidenced by the fourth down stops against Oakland and Green Bay and pick sixes on the Saints and Panthers.

But you’d never know any of this from the meetings between these teams lately. The Buccaneers have beaten us three times in a row! If Winston played only us, it looks as though he’d be a future Hall of Famer! No more!

I mean, our quarterback is a MVP frontrunner for Christ's sake!

I mean, our quarterback is a MVP front-runner for Christ’s sake!

And now for the keys to the game. Our offense should have no problem scoring on these guys. Without stupid penalties in the first game, we’d have scored over thirty the first time! Defensively, pressure Winston! We’ll give up yardage, but he’s done nothing to suggest that he won’t do something stupid if he has to think on his feet.

This team has done great things and has potential, but getting swept by the Bucs again would still be an embarrassment. RISE UP!!!


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