Couldn’t be better, thanks for asking! Alabama bye week report.

AlabamaWhen the season began, my expectations were not that high. With Jake Coker and Derrick Henry having graduated and the former being replaced by a freshman, I expected what qualifies for a down year in Alabama Nation. I figured that we’d lose to two SEC West teams (Ole Miss and Auburn being the most likely).

Almost two months later, we could be headed for yet another National Championship. While there is never any favorite for any title before the postseason even begins, we have all but won the West. The SEC Championship game is a near lock. We have already terminated the myth of Tennessee’s elite status. The Gators have a lot going for them, but a Swiss cheese offensive line has decimated their offense. For what it’s worth, they’re probably the closest to a contender that the SEC East has. The eternally hyped Georgia Bulldogs have failed to deliver for the fourth straight season. Far more surprising: they’re looking to lose more than five games this season.


Things are a little different now that Saban’s not supervising you, isn’t there?

Ohio State seems to be getting cold. Michigan has a defense that has allowed an average of just 10 points a game. The game between Michigan and Alabama should be good. It will probably crown the National Champions no matter where in the postseason it happens, but you never know.

How have we done so well? Jalen Hurts has proven to be a better quarterback than anyone imagined. The freshman has played like a senior. And a near elite senior at that. He’s a true running quarterback with the arm for deep balls. Defense, of course, is as awesome as it’s ever been.

He blows up every Nike ball he handles, along with the end zone.

He blows up every Nike ball he handles, along with the end zone.

Pity about Eddie Jackson going down. Fractured leg; out for the rest of the season. That is a blow to this team. But we still have a fantastic pass rush and Jackson is not our only good defensive back. We’re in a really good spot going forward ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…



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