And now for the Pack. Falcons-Packers preview.


What was done on Sunday is what was done on Sunday. Time to move on.


That works too.

The Green Bay Packers are not an elite team this year. This is largely because Aaron Rodgers isn’t having a great season. Actually, it’s his second straight down year, unless you want to judge him only on two or three hail marys (never think like this, by the way) last year. I thought a horrible offensive line that allowed 46 sacks was the main culprit. Now that he has the protection again, I’m not so sure. Because of this handicap, they lost both their games against good teams and did not demonstrate the incredible home field advantage that they have enjoyed in their rivalry with the Detroit Lions (just one home loss to them since the first Bush administration). They remain as questionable on the road as they ever were, nearly losing to the Jags in Jacksonville, one of the worst teams in the NFL.

The word right now is that Rodgers bounced back on Thursday, but it was over the 1-win Bears. And they were up by just a field goal at halftime. It was only when Chicago’s defense got tired from being on the field roughly two thirds of the time that Green Bay dominated. It was, after all, a close game about 73% of the way.


If Rodgers wears this in Hotlanta, it’s official that he’s lost his mind.

What does all this mean? Not necessarily much. Not after the defensive meltdown we saw last week. While Rodgers may not be playing so great, he’s not doing any harm. Maybe doing no harm is all you need to do to score on this defense.

Now, I do believe our offense will score, but how much? I fear that if we don’t score at least 31 points, we don’t win. There are two concerns for this offense. First, the offensive line cannot be committing so many penalties that force 1st and 15s and 1st and 20s. Second, can we please not force the ball to Julio Jones like we did in the second half of the Chargers game? Beyond the predictability, the last two games show that he’s getting the LeBron/Shaq treatment where he is denied calls because the referees feel sorry for whoever is unfortunate enough to be matched up with him. Of course, part of the latter was because we got conservative after we went up by 17.


Learn from your mistakes. Please!

Who’s going to win? Damned if I know. One thing we don’t have to worry about is Quinn taking his foot off the pedal, for I guarantee that we won’t go up by 17 this time. RISE UP!!!


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