Duel for the West. Alabama-Texas A&M preview.


This is arguably the Alabama Crimson Tide’s biggest regular season game of the year. Of course, many Alabama fans would say that our biggest regular season game is always Auburn. But this is the one with the SEC Championship implications. Neither Alabama nor the Texas A&M Aggies have lost and I only see one other loss at most left on either schedule. That makes this game the tie-breaker.


“Reach for it!”

Actually, why does this game have SEC Championship implications? I may not like the Aggies, but I do believe that they and the Tide are the two best teams in the SEC. And yet one will be left out of the SEC Championship game while a mediocrity of the SEC East gets in.

No matter how this goes, I’ll talk more about this in the recap. Vegas has us blowing the Aggies out. I’m a bit surprised. I guess they’re going by the fact that they almost lost to the Vols, while we vaporized that team. how our games against the Vols went. But it’s never as simple as X<Y<Z. Moreover, don’t forget the Vols we faced were missing six starters, making them significantly worse than the team the Aggies beat in two overtimes. Plus, I think that the Aggies exposed the Vols’ deficiencies somewhat (Aggies’ “D” got 8 turnovers and similarly numerous sacks and tackles for loss).


“How about a hug?”

Also, the Aggies have a bye week. That probably more than moots our home field advantage.

As for their team itself? Their offensive line has monsters worthy of a fantasy movie. Because of them, first-year running back Trayveon Williams has 704 rushing yards in six games! I have less praise for quarterback Trevor Knight. His completion rate is horrible. he does make up for it with with his legs. Rather interception-prone, though.

Their defense hasn’t been quite as good as ours. Their pass rush is elite, but their secondary is suspect, and almost cost them them the Tennessee game.

I think we win but not by too much. This is anything but a bad team and everything is on the line. Again, whoever wins this game has all but won the SEC East. ROLL TIDE!!!


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