Exposed! Alabama@Tennessee recap.

Alabama wins!

Alabama wins!

There’s always at least one overhyped team per season in each sport that people give too much credit to. Many years it’s been Georgia or LSU. Actually, Georgia got the hype for one week this year. But people were looking at the Tennessee Volunteers’ crazy comebacks and comparing them to the 2013 Auburn team, which beat my Crimson Tide to win the SEC West and made it all the way to the National Championship!

Now we Alabama fans don’t like Auburn at all. But you have give them their props. When they’re good, they’re extremely good. That’s actually true of them right now. Would not be surprised if we lost the Iron Bowl this year.

Plus, Joshua Dobbs ain't no Cam Newton.

Plus, Joshua Dobbs ain’t no Cam Newton.

Tennessee? I said in my preview that I considered Tennessee to be an unremarkable football program but had taken advantage of a faltering SEC East. I really hadn’t been impressed by these guys. Did I expect to crush them 49-10? No, if only because of the rivalry that kept them from being blown out by us theprevious two times. But I had little doubt we’d win. For I saw the Vols for who they are: pretenders.

They can probably forget about Atlanta if they can’t win out. Florida is likely to lose to Florida State, but the Vols’ tendency to let teams pull ahead creates the strong possibility of another loss to keep them out of contention.

You're welcome.

You’re welcome.

I’m not a cocky fan. No, honestly, I’m not. I don’t expect to win the National Championship with a freshman quarterback and an offense that often struggles in the first half. It’s just that Vols fans have been talking about “destiny” all season, complete with having the balls to talk trash about our elite team and now the truth has been revealed!

The specifics of the game? Tennessee couldn’t begin to stop the run; Joshua Dobbs is not a good quarterback, throwing for less than a hundred yards and a pick 6; their run game was almost as good as their passing attack. That’s the whole game! I know it was Alabama, but what does it say that Kentucky did better than these guys did against us?


Surprisingly, first year quarterback Jalen Hurts has only been part of one victory over Tennessee.

I do apologize that this recap had to be so vindictive, it’s just that for these supposed contenders to not even be a challenge yet got all the hype sure is annoying. ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…


Welcome, worthier adversaries!



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