Prove yourselves! Alabama@Tennessee preview.


Most years, this is the Tennessee Volunteers’ annual Super Bowl. Playing Alabama is definitely bigger than whatever bowl they get. But this is different. Tennessee has emerged as the likely leader of the SEC East. So they are poised to contend for the National Championship, right?

Not so fast. Everyone wants to complain that the SEC isn’t what it once was. It’s not the elite of the elite anymore. It’s not the conference to see on Saturdays. How did that happen? who’s at fault. Well, don’t say anything that isn’t true. Us teams of the West have done our part to stop this. The Aggies and my Crimson Tide are true National Championship contenders. Ole Miss and Auburn seem poised for big Bowls. Even Arkansas is on the rise.

No, it’s clear whose fault it is. Florida could barely beat Vanderbilt and will probably lose to another team in addition to Florida State. Georgia squeaked by Nicholls State and Missouri before getting killed by Miss as though someone were playing the old NCAA Football games on Rookie. Along with the Vols, they are on top of the East.


It’s underwhelming and lead by the Vols. I’m sure that was your prediction, right?

The Vols allow the awful Appalachian state go up by ten at halftime. Their win over a similarly underwhelming Ohio was almost as unimpressive. Props to ending their losing streak to Florida. But a week later they faced an insanely overrated Georgia (that was Vols fans’ stated viewpoint before this game, by the way) that had just been decapitated by Ole Miss. The Vols play them and… win on a hail mary. And not only that, a hail mary enabled by a post-touchdown flag on Georgia that pushed Tennessee into striking distance.

About the great Tennessee hope, Joshua Dobbs. Dobbs is not a true quality quarterback. I’m sorry, but he’s not. 58% completion percentage and 8 picks in six games. But as I’ve pointed out, he’s been playing in a mediocre at best division. Tennessee would probably have two or three losses in the SEC West or ACC. Oh, and that hail mary I mentioned? All Dobbs did was throw blind into triple coverage and hope for the best.


Butch Jones better be prepared to give one Hell of a halftime speech! Then again, he’s probably used to it by now.

Not that the Vols haven’t been the comeback kings of college football. And despite losing to the Aggies, their fans are convinced that they’re ready for Alabama. Maybe so. Probably not. Let’s take a look back. The West has won 8 of the last 10 SEC titles and the East seems farther below us than ever! Like last year, the Vols will put up a fight, but in the end, the Tide gets the win. ROLL TIDE!!!


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