Trampling pigs. Alabama@Arkansas recap.

Alabama wins!

Alabama wins!

The first in Alabama’s most important series of games is over. The Arkansas Razorbacks have been pummeled 49-30! As I predicted, this was a one-sided affair.

Basically, what happened was what I said would happen in my preview. Arkansas’ offensive line was exposed two weeks ago, enabling us to stop their otherwise lethal rushing attack. as a result, only 73 yards were allowed on the ground.

Offensively, we torched their defense! We didn’t even have our usual slow start, scoring 35 points (28 offensive) insane in the first half alone! Jalen Hurts recovered from last week’s rough effort to score 4 touchdowns. Additonally, Damien Harris, though injured two weeks back and getting limited use last week, tallied up 122 yards!Just one thing, though two lost fumbles well into field goal range is not acceptable. Ball security was an issue tonight.


Harris looks fine to me!

I’ve mentioned that we focused on stopping the run. We still managed to get pressure. Good thing, too, because the Hogs eventually came to accept that they couldn’t get a decent run game going and gave the keys to quarterback Austin Allen. Remember those years in which the Tide’s usually incredible defense tended to collapse against the medium pass. There was some of that here, for Allen had 400 passing yards and three touchdowns in spite of taking several sacks (and you can tell that he felt them), largely because these kinds of passes kept working.

In fact, there’s no denying that Allen has talent. He was pressured into a low completion percentage and had no run game, but Arkansas still scored 30 points. Honestly, we’re lucky he doesn’t have the defense to match.

The game ball definitely goes to Minkah Fitzpatrick. Without the three picks he caught, including one he took home, this could have been a competitive game with an insanely high score.Despite the outcome of this game, I do believe that the Hogs are trending upward and may well become worthy adversaries in the near future not unlike what Ole Miss has become. For right now, though, what I’m focused on is winning the SEC West. ROLL TIDE!!!

But the score wasn't this insane.

But the score wasn’t this insane.

Next week…vols


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