OK, so we didn’t score 50. Alabama-Kentucky recap.


Alabama wins!

I’ll give credit to Kentucky for one thing. They held us to our lowest score so far this season. A 34-6 ass-kicking brooks no moral victory, but Kentucky fans are so used to losing, at least in football, that they’ll probably take it.

The reason why we didn’t run up the score on a horrendous defense? Jalen Hurts had a bad game. Bad enough to make Nick Saban yell at him at one point. It may be hard to believe that he had a bad game when he had almost 290 offensive yards and two touchdowns, but he really did. He had his lowest completion percentage (60.6%) since his first start and missed wide-open guys on numerous occasions.


Still think he has no emotions?

In fact, the always reliable Calvin Ridley may be the real reason why we had so many offensive yards catching eleven passes for 174 yards and both of Hurts’ touchdowns. Hurts did do a decent job of scrambling out of trouble when he had to. But all said, this was not a good performance.

Speaking of scrambling, the rushing attack did work well. Joshua Jacobs ran for 100 yards and a touchdown. One can only imagine the yardage if we used Damien Harris more, but he was limited to two carries so as not to irritate last week’s ankle injury.

The defense spearheaded by Jonathan Allen and Eddie Jackson was, of course, as incredible as ever! A few sacks were procured, the run was stopped, and another defensive touchdown was scored.

Kentucky was sprawled across our lawn, that's for sure.

Kentucky was sprawled across our lawn, that’s for sure.

In the end, I’m a little disappointed. Again, this Kentucky defense is awful! We should have scored at least 42 on them. New Mexico State did it! Why couldn’t we?

Saban is not the kind of coach who judges the performance of his players by the final result alone. He will probably have Hurts work extra hard on his game in practice, especially since our schedule is about to get much tougher. ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…arkansas


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