Different definition of victory. Alabama-Kent State recap.


Alabama wins!

I pretty much gave Kent State no chance in Hell. I had given USC a chance in Hell and Western Kentucky a realistic chance. I still believe that had we not irritated W. KY quarterback Mike White all game, that one would have been close. So no one can call me a blind homer. You might say that the Atlanta Falcons have made me a pessimist, but I’m also a Nashville Predators and Atlanta Hawks fan, so it’s not like Alabama is my only experience of winning.

Anyway, with a 41-0 score at Halftime, this game was over before the field was painted. We passed down the field; we ran all over the field; we prevented Kent State from budging the ball; even when Jalen Hurts was pressured, he managed to get well beyond the line of scrimmage before getting tackled.


“Here’s my articulate coach’s advice for when pressure comes: run like f*ckin’ Hell!”

It got to the point where backup quarterbacks got a significant combined percentage of snaps. In fact, garbage-ass Blake Barnett got a majority of his pass attempts and his first touchdown of the season. Oh, he was still statistically awful, but he threw his first touchdown!


My aren’t you special!

Why was Barnett even on the field? Probably because we couldn’t lose And Nick Sabin and Lane Kiffin wanted to not risk Hurt’s health. And perhaps to give the backups some on-the-job practice. Smart, ’cause Barnett having to play at his current rate of performance is horrifying!

When a shitty backup quarterback gets to score on you, you’re not good. At all. No offense to Kent State fans, but you’ve got a long way to go.

Frankly, when you’re watching your team play a game of this sort, you shouldn’t look for a win or a loss. You should think more in terms of miscellaneous feats like the Achievements and Trophy systems on the XB One and PS4 that you can earn only by doing really difficult things. What would they be for the Crimson Tide?

For starters, we got 41 at Halftime and could have had 70 if we wanted them. So despite the stats (which meant nothing with Barnett and Bateman under center a lot), we got that Trophy, which is the more appropriate term for this subject.

Defensively? Kent State couldn’t get 170 yards of offense. So that’s good.

The only real Trophy left to get: a shutout. At least officially, Kent State never scored. They did enter chip shot range down  48-0. They could have scored but went for it on fourth down and didn’t get it. But we didn’t ask them tho go for it. So we got that trophy as well.


‘Cause if there’s one thing we need, it’s more trophies.

All in all, we accomplished even the altered definition of victory. ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…



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