Road runners. Alabama@Ole Miss recap.


Alabama wins!

As I expected, this revenge game was a high-scoring affair. I doubted that we could stop Chad Kelly. That meant that Alabama, which sometimes struggles offensively, would have to score a lot.

Yeah, just like the score on those.

Yeah, just like the scores on these.

And we did in a victory that solidifies our position in the SEC West.

At first disaster was threatened. The Ole Miss Rebels, winners of the last two meetings with us, used the arm of Chad Kelly and a controversial fumble recovery to lead us 24-3. Luckily, we got a break in three parts: a quick touchdown, an Ole Miss three-and-out, and an Eddie Jackson punt return for a touchdown.

Entering the second half of the game, we shredded the Ole Miss’ defense for over three hundred rushing yards. They just had no answer for Jalen Hurts and Damien Harris. Maybe they expected us to use our pass-heavy offense from last week? Well, I’d say we proved that we still have a potent rushing attack, even without the great Derrick Henry.

Beep! Beep! *Gusty sound*.

Beep! Beep! *Gusty sound*.

There was a hilarious yet tedious moment where there were no less than four “should have” touchdowns (three for Ole Miss, one for Alabama) that were negated by the player being down before the ball crossed the goal line.


“This is how many times Hugh Freeze will ever beat us!”

Down 48-37 with under three minutes to go, Ole Miss did manage to recover an onside kick and cashed in for a touchdown. But they kicked the ball back and we ran out the clock to prevail by a score of 48-43.

Ole Miss is already one loss at most away from playoff elimination. We remain undefeated, though there’s still tough opponents like Arkansas and Texas A&M left on our schedule.  In the immediate term, the three-peat has been prevented. See you next year, Miss! ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…kent-state


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