An ugly but one-sided victory. Alabama-Western Kentucky recap.


Alabama wins!

Well, it wasn’t perfect (believe it or not), but the Alabama Crimson Tide won in convincing fashion.

Based on his 517-yard passing game last week, I said in my preview that Mike White was the biggest threat. That’s an insanely impressive performance. If he had repeated that, this game could have gone either way.

But he wasn’t able to repeat that. The Alabama “D” brought the pressure like a pair of closing walls! numerous sacks were tallied and Jonathan Allen alone caused three or four hurries. Meanwhile the secondary was there to force White to throw accurately. If only under duress, he couldn’t, going 10-24 and giving Eddie Jackson a pick 6.

"Hi, I'm week 1 Mike White and I'm the real deal!"

“Hi, I’m week 1 Mike White and I’m the real deal!”

"And I'm week 2 Mike white and I'm a bust!"

“And I’m week 2 Mike white and I’m a loser!”

Despite taking a couple of sacks himself, Jalen Hurts had a great game. The occasional overthrow aside, he cleaved Western Kentucky’s defense like toilet paper an was critical reason for a scoring of 38 points.

Was Mike White as bad as he looked or was he just betrayed by an offensive line that couldn’t handle our level “D”-linemanship? I’d guess that latter because pretty much no quarterback is good under pressure. Also, Western Kentucky behind too much for too long to play conservatively for a majority of the game.

And yet there were some issues that Alabama had. Specifically, penalties. A number of holding penalties, in particular, backed us up and prevented us from winning as big as last week. Additionally, Blake Barnett fumbled a snapped ball to W. KY.



But domination is domination. Here’s hoping that we can clean up the mistakes in time for next week when we have a real challenge. I know I said that this might be true of USC and W. KY, but this time we’re up against an opponent that has proven able to beat us. ROLL TIDE!!!

Next week…

Vengeance shall be ours!

Vengeance shall be ours!


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