Top ‘o the hill to you. Alabama-Western Kentucky preview.



Two college football teams will enter Bryant-Denny Stadium with a monster win under their belts and looking build even more momentum going forward. I pointed out the other day that while Alabama didn’t play a perfect game, it got a 52-6 blowout win. Similarly, the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers won 46-14.

Why did the Hilltoppers do so well? Mostly because their quarterback, Mike White, broke out and threw for over five hundred yards and 80.6% of his attempts! If you think that’s shocking at face value, consider that White’s been less than impressive in the past.

If that game was a fluke and therefore White is still the… shall we say unimpressive quarterback that he was in years past, then I would expect this to go just like the USC game.

But for at least one week, he did deserve that Manning award. No denying that.

But for at least one week, he did deserve that Manning award. No denying that.

On the other hand, what if it wasn’t a fluke and White really has matured into an elite quarterback? Then things could get rough. I don’t think Jalen Hurts is ready for a true shootout yet. And what a win over the Crimson Tide would do for Western Kentucky’s season will motivate them all the more to put those conditions in place.

Best to assume that we have a new and improved Mike White. Pressure, pressure, pressure! That’s the key. If White is allowed lots of time in the pocket, this could be a long day. We need the hungry cat that is Jonathan Allen to get after this quite possibly hard-to-kill mouse.

So go eat, Jon!

So go eat, Jon!

There’s no real hate here (wait till next week for that). According to, this will be only the third meeting. No antipathy between the fanbases but the possibility that a new and improved Mike White makes this game a good one. ROLL TIDE!!!


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