Good but not us. Alabama-USC preview.




Yes, it seems that I’ve decided to start posting about sports. ‘Bout time, too. I certainly tweet enough about sports. So from now on, I’ll be representing the teams I follow here on my blog.

On Saturday night, my Alabama Crimson Tide will take on the USC Trojans. It seems to be almost an annual ritual for us to take on a good but not amazing team in our season opener. The USC Trojans were once possibly the kings of college football. Back when Pete Carroll was coaching. But though USC has lost something with the loss of Carroll to the NFL, USC remains a solid program.

Just not this solid.

Just not this solid.

So what am I saying? Really, no more than that Alabama shouldn’t sleepwalk through this.

Last year, we had an incredibly dominant defense (multiple shutouts including one in the game that put us in the National Championship contest). In particular, Eddie Jackson is a wall that you shouldn’t try to pass over. Six interceptions, two pick sixes, and forty-six tackles! Plenty of big college stars have flamed out in the NFL, but there’s no question that he’s on the right track.

The offense may provide a little cause for concern. Jake Coker and Derrick Henry have graduated, so Nick Saban and the other coaches had to replace them. Last I heard, Bo Scarbrough was a go at running back. With 5.7 yards a carry last year and some more training, I think he’s ready. Quarterback is bigger concern. As of this typing, I don’t think Sabin’s decided on a starter yet. Regardless, the game’s practically right now and we still don’t know?

But Saban is a coach who does a lot with less. Take 2014 when we had to move a running back to quarterback. Yes, you read that right. Sabin will have whoever it is firing on all cylinders, especially since he’ll be throwing to Calvin Ridley a lot. Just ask Coker, who failed to make the Arizona Cardinals.

I miss Calvin.

“I miss Calvin.”

Despite the quarterback uncertainly we should be fine if we don’t take USC lightly because they’re not what they once were or we are. It’ll be a good one, but I think we’ve got the “W.” ROLL TIDE!!!


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