Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

TuckerDaleTitleTyler Labine as Dale Dobson
Alan Tudyk as Tucker McGee
Katrina Bowden as Allison
Jesse Moss as Chad

You know the irrational way people act in slasher horror flicks? Well, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil hilariously spoofs that irrationality. It’s even set in West Virginia in homage to how many of those movies use a rural setting. I mean, when Friday the 13th left Crystal Lake for one movie that movie was subtitled Jason Takes Manhattan like that was special. Because it was. Rural is the default area for these flicks.


We know they’re hillbillies because they have baseball caps with earth colors.

We have some college kids with a leader named Chad heading to West Virginia for spring break or a similar vacation. One of these kids, Allison, accidentally gets knocked out while skinny-dipping. two locals named Dale and Tucker save her from drowning and take her to their vacation home for the time being. Allison’s friends think she’s been kidnapped. This misunderstanding, along with the apparent insanity of Chad, leads to a lot of death.

The acting is very good, particularly considering that no one in this film had been in many big films. I was surprised to see that Tyler Labine is Canadian, because he pulls off a southern accent to perfection. He also plays a likable character who makes mistakes but tries his best. Everybody else has good comic timing that elevates the humor.


How long afterward was a mistrial declared over this judgmental headline?

Speaking of humor, this is a pretty funny movie. Horror cliches like rural settings  and the paranoid asshole among the protagonists are effectively spoofed. Of course, in this case, said paranoid asshole is wrong about the “killers” and actually becomes the killer himself.

This movie is not for those sensitive to gore, though. The violence is intense. There’s finger severings, forehead impalements and, of course, crimson masks. You have been warned.


Horror villains are never dead until they’re dead. That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Regardless, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a great comedy. Hilarious, clever, and well-directed. For those who like violence in their entertainment (myself included) it delivers in that category as well.

Overall: 8 out of 10


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