Trump’s week of Hell


The narcissistic Trump with a hands over ears response to any criticism, correct or otherwise.

It’s been less than a week since Donald J. Trump became the nationally recognized Republican nominee, less than week since his last two rivals for the nomination waved the white flag. Let’s see what has happened in that time.

  • On the day of the last meaningful primary, Indiana, Trump accused the father of opponent Ted Cruz of having been involved in a presidential assassination. Trump’s source? National Enquirer.
  • In one of his first interviews after Indiana, Trump opened the door to raising the minimum wage. This despite having said early in his campaign that such an action would hurt the economy, that American workers already make too much.
  • If you thought that was to be the signature flip-flop of the Trump campaign, think again. He laid the groundwork for leaving taxes on the rich alone, if not raising them.
  • On top of all that, he is now proposing a “trillion-dollar” infrastructure program that he actually likens to FDR’s New Deal. And yes, he was promising to cut spending “bigly” three months ago.


    This cigarette is more presidential than Trump.

  • I know what you’re thinking. “Is that all you got? Wretched conspiracy theories and three major flip-flops in one week?” Well, no. There’s also the fact that Trump is dividing his party to the point that even notable Republicans like Paul Ryan and Lindsay Graham are hesitating to support him. Trump’s solution so far has been to lash out irrationally.
  • On top of everything else, Trump has said that his plan for dealing with the U.S. national debt is to “renegotiate” it. And even if this leads to a default on the debt that tanks the global economy, Trump can “make a deal.” You really can’t make this up.

That is quite a beginning for this nominee. Flip-flops that confirm that he doesn’t believe in anything other than himself, wildly false murder accusations, and a proposal that promises to lead to another Great Depression. And he’s one of our choices for President of the United States of America.

Again, all of this happened in week one. How much worse is it going to get from May to November? This is hilarious but horrifying. Never in the history of this country have we had a candidate so not ready for prime time. Sure, there have been plenty of bad presidents, but how many have not even known what they were talking about, nor did they demonstrate any intention of learning?

Donald Trump, age ten.

Donald Trump, age ten.

That is who we have running for president. Donald Trump is widely expected to lose badly. He the kind of bigoted, in your face candidate who seems tailor-fit to turning out the Democratic base while a possibility of Cruz supporters looms large. He is the most unpopular (to be fair, Hillary Clinton is pretty disliked, but nothing like Trump) candidate in forever. Most importantly, his stupid remarks, affairs, and controversial business practices (the Trump University scam springs to mind immediately) are an opposition researcher’s dream come true! I mean, look at how much dirt this mere blogger has just dug up on him from the last week alone! If it turns out like this, no harm, no foul.

Can't believe I forgot the taco bowl.

Can’t believe I forgot the taco bowl to show that he loves the Hispanics.

Thing is, what if it doesn’t? Even if Trump is a long-shot, this is not something I want to take chances on. Trump’s actions have exposed him as dangerously unfit for the office of President. A guy who casually insults people, doesn’t know anything about how the government works, and frankly, would never have been more than a failed door-to-door con man if not for his father’s money, should never be in the same conversation as the Presidency.

By the way, anyone who disagrees with my viewpoint of the egotistical nepotist’s business “skills” is free to look up his bankruptcies and the outrageous amount of money he owes. Hell, he brags about being the “king of debt.” Must be real good to live the kind of life in which incompetence doesn’t matter.

Do the right thing, America!


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