Taken 3

Taken3TitleLiam Neeson as Bryan Mills
Sam Spruell as Oleg Malankov
Maggie Grace as Kim Mills
Forest Whitaker as Inspecter Frank Dotzer
Dougray Scott as Stuart St. John

Taken 3 a mix of spy action and the the old “I wuz framed” concept. That’s really all you need to know. Review over.

Still there? Fine. I guess I’ll be thorough.

Our story has former CIA operative Bryan Mills’ wife getting killed and because the police discover him near the body, they think he did it. Meanwhile, he goes through issues with his daughter.


I think that endangering your own daughter may be one of these issues.

Our first big problem is is the acting. We have an Irish star who finds an American accent too difficult to speak. So forget the great performances from the Star Wars and Batman movies. Here he can’t act. Similarly, Sam Spruell bombs as the bad guy because he’s a Brit who can’t do a Russian accent very well. Does Maggie Grace pull off her performance as Bryan’s daughter? I guess, but no more. Of course the cliche nature of the “you were never there for me” dialogue isn’t helping matters.


Signs that leave your legs exposed are great hiding places because… BECAUSE!!!

Speaking of dialogue, it’s cliche all around. There’s lots of hero/villain and philosophical talk that has been done better and more subtly elsewhere. “Why do you have to be so damn honorable?” Bryan is asked at one point. It’s a “he’s a hero, dammit” message from the writers.

As for story, this is one of those action flicks in which you really can’t think too much if you are to enjoy yourself. Don’t ask yourself why Bryan never thinks of trying to beat the case when the evidence against him isn’t the strongest in the world. Don’t ask why none of the calls Bryan makes are traced by the cops (Bryan even talks to head investigator Frank Dotzer at some point). Don’t allow it to occur to you that this must not be much of a hero when he tortures people to get information and blows up pursuing cops who are only doing their jobs. Don’t think about Bryan still standing trial for torture if not cop-killing. And don’t ask why Dotzer says at the end that he knew Bryan was innocent all along, when everything Dotzer had been saying and doing suggested the opposite.


Of course, “I knew it all along,” are famous last words, regardless of consistency.

Of course, by that point, you have forfeited your intelligence. The better choice is to not see Taken 3.

Overall: 3 out of 10


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