Terrorism in Charleston


Booking photos of our terrorist.

I wondered whether or not I even had anything to add to what is being said about the recent tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. But one thing that caught my eye is that the family members of the victims say that they forgive the shooter, Dylann Roof. With all sympathy to these people, why? Do they really feel that the rat bastard who committed these murders is remotely sorry for what he did? I mean, this ABC News piece shows that Roof was not only a racist, he planned this six months in advance. If he never thought the better of this in those six months, I doubt anything anyone says from here on out will make him feel sorry for what he has done.

But I should be more sensitive than that. The family members have, after all, been through a lot. It’s one thing to lose someone you love to old age or disease. It’s another for that person to be murdered in a hate crime. I really can’t say how I would react in that situation, other than that I would want justice.

As for Dylann Roof himself? Think of him as the next Charles Manson, for he actually intended to start another civil war with this incident. This is a sick individual who hated black people and decided to shoot some of them to satisfy his hatred.

Needless to say, Roof faces a grim fate. Since he confessed, the verdict is pretty obvious. He will either get life or spend some years on death row before execution, quite possibly getting raped in either case.

If there is one thing to learn here, it is that hatred is a problem, not a solution. As a young man, Roof could have been living a happy life. Instead, he got caught up in hate and became a terrorist. Not that I mean to generate sympathy for him. If only nobody followed this path, the world would be a much better place.

Perhaps I finally understand why they might forgive after all.

Perhaps I finally understand why they might forgive after all.


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